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The MickeyD Diet ... and the guy is buff... Yeah, right...


What a pile of horse shit.


Sometimes, in the past, I’ve made jokes. They were not all that good. In fact, they were really weak.

So I realized, sometimes half way through, that I should stop. So I did.

This has now became an open letter to the creator of http://www.truthinfitness.org/

I guess Jared really messed up…to hell with Subway…goto Mickey D’s

the jared story is bad enough…
Please…dont piss in my shoes and tell me it’s raining.

big macs and milkshakes are always a big part of my cutting programs

It not the best diet but if you exercise hard there is no reason why the McD diet would not work.

diet + exercise = fitness

But with the McD you would have to up the exercise component to compensate for the poor diet.

Its a bonehead idea but is absolutley possiable.

For once, I am speechless…

Okay I’m done being speechless! Who knows if he really ate all that stuff. Talk about consuming loadful of trans fat! It probably doesn’t make much difference initally but it’s like smoking cigs, it takes a while before the damage has been done, you know? I guarantee you that he will have all kinds of health problems if he did it long term. Exercising probably helped slow down the progression but eventually it’ll catch up with you if you do it long enough. There was a famous marathoner (name?) that lived off high carbs, low protein and low fat and ended up with fatal heart attack while running. He might look healthy but on the inside it was all fucked up. Looks can be deceiving! Boys and girls, ya’ll gotta have to think hard and long about what you put in your body. We aren’t really built to consume large amount of manmade food stuff because genetically, we’re still programmed to consume high protein and high fat consisting of mostly saturated fat plus assorted of healthy fatty acids like CLA, EPA, DHA that don’t exist in commerical animals. The ratio back then was probably the ratio of 1 omega 6s to 1 omega 3s and now it’s as high as 20 to 1 (6s to 3s) thanks to refined vegetable oils, commerical animals eating crap, the list goes on just to benefit big companies and help pay for the top men’s mulitmillion houses with no regard for consumers health at all. Anyway, it should be interesting to find out where McDonalds will do about it. “We have proof that eating MCDonalds food does not make you fat! (insert pic here)” on the ads. (Snickering) This country is truly fucked up.

Absolute Bollocks!!!

What’s the problem here? The guy started out fit as hell. If he works out to the degree he’s saying and he’s keeping his calories about where they are, its fathomable that he’s not going to get fat in 30 days. Its more than fathomable. He’s 6’1" 222 and ripped. At the end of the day, its calories in and calories out however his example is probably the wrong one. He’s probably trying to show people that eating McD’s alone doesn’t make you fat. I would like to see him on this diet for a year to see what happened; I would have to think it would be a different story for that length of time.

Lucid is right on the ball there. It’s is qite possible if calories are measured against lean body mass and the amount of calories you are burning.

Also you have to remember that the point is not that living on Micky Ds is healthy but that the whole premise of the documentary the other guy made is flawed and that he wouldve got regardless of what he ate due the calories he was eating AND the fact that he did no exercise.

I agree. There is nothing wrong with an “experiment” to show that the diet is not exclusive in the obesity epidemic.

People need to be held accountable for what they are eating, NOT the providers of food! Sure, marketing is very strong (hell, BK blows the smell into the environment so that it triggers the hunger senses). However, that’s not an excuse for your weakness.

The key here is that this guy is trying to exploit the flawed fatty experiment and to bring to the forefront that EXERCISE must be included in one’s lifestyle.

No arguments here…

“There was a famous marathoner…”

I think that would be Jim Fixx.

Looks like what’s happening here is an illustration, and a good one, of the idiocy of these lard-asses who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and blame it all on someone else. Note to double-wide couch potatoes: YOU are responsible for your condition. Your state of being is the sum total of the choices you have made in your life, and suing McDonalds is not going to make you healthier. If, God forbid, you win, you’ll probably just blow it all on Krispy Kreme anyway. Same goes for smokers (of which I occasionally am one). What 5-year-old doesn’t know that smoking is bad for you? Same could be largely said for the “poor” and “underpriveleged” but that’s another thread.

In summary, I think the guy is making a valid statement, although his dietary theories may be a bit off (but then again, he does have an enviable physique).

Okay, yes, you can argue that exercise rules when it comes to fitness. However, as this is likely to be geared to showing that McD’s is not bad for the average person, I think it is a pile of horseshit.

The average person does not start out ripped with tons of muscle. The average person does not then spend an hour a day working off McD’s McShit in the gym. The average McShit eater is going to be McFucking McFat.

Hmm, we also don’t know if Mr McFit was on McHormones or McSteriods or other McFitness enhancements. I’m McSkeptical of the whole McThing.


enviable physique! rubish, tungsten was right on the nail.

this bloke will quite happily be writing a log about his cardiovascuar failure in later life, that should be fun:

woke up today 6.30 struggled to breathe!



Point taken. After all, what good is a Ferrari if you never change the oil…?

Gotta go with bluey and lucid on this. The guy started out in great shape, and worked out diligently, and who knows how much other physical activity he ingaged in during the day besides? He had lots of opportunity to burn off excess calories, and his general level of health might not come crashing down in just a month. There’s also increasing evidence that things like cholesterol levels are tied to genetics as much or more than diet.

It could happen.

But no way could someone NOT in such great shape GET in great shape on that diet.

Right now I am using the “Stand By Me” diet. All I eat is cherry flavored pez.

For the rest of my life.

Jim Fixx was an excellent and habitual runner who tried to protect himself from his own high cholesterol and his father’s early death from CAD (heart attack). Sadly Mr. Fixx died in his late 40s of CAD.

I think it was more than diet. He had a family predispostion to heart disease, which is why he started running in the first place.

vroom: McLOL!!!

Mcdonalds isn’t good food? I thought beige food signified quaility.

anyways, I (like most teens) ate alot of MC Dicks when i was in high school, then when I started working out I gave it up, now I can’t enter McD’s without getting nauseous, so whether you can stay lean on the stuff matters not at all, because I can’t see anything that can make me sick by the smell being in any way beneficial to my health (flawed logic I know, but you get the point)


Fristly The guy is buff… buffer than most anyway…

Secondly… I interpreted what he did as attempting to show people that they are fucking lazy and that they can not blame other people/restraunts for what happens to them…

now it maybe ambigous and its entirely possible that shitloads of people will misinterpret it… but i dont see a problem with it…

to be honest i think it is excellent… people have a general idea of what consitutes “good and bad” food.

You see people saying ohh im fat cause mcdonalds and suiing them… wholly shit thats pathetic…

at the other end of the spectrum you have people that wont have a slurp of full cream milk in their coffee because they its got more fat than light milk… probably a whole gram more (per amount in that goes into coffee). YOu have young women who totally freak when they have anytype of food that is not healthy or abstain from several foods that they like but will eat twice many calories as they would have of something that they deem healthy…

people are fucked and this will help illustrate to fat fuckers that they can not blame restraunts fastfoods and other people in general for there problem… it will also hopefully show the other end of the spectrum the young people (mainly girls) that are absolutely pedantic… that they can enjoy a treat here and there…