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The Mexican States of America


Fox News, but still. Who is forking this bill? I also really enjoy the part about, "'x' number were placed in a hotel, while 'y' others were released to other parts of the country."

Is this a catch and release program? Are Mexicans going instinct in their native habitats that they need "relocated" to more fertile areas?

And us legal citizens who get paid to work are funding this crap. Thanks 'Bammy!!


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Better yet, we should ask Third Ruffian his opinion on the damage unwanted illegal immigration can do to a society.

I suppose you can ask the same question to any Ainu people you happen to meet.


Having read the article, I have to wonder whether Mexico is taking advantage of the United States' present economic and military situation, along with the fear of "drug cartels", to move an unprecedented number of people up north for some kind of Aztlan movement. All they would need for a proper reconquista is numerical superiority, and in Southern California they're already pretty close to having it.


Viva la mexico the more the marryier great for business


Nothing new here. And the liberal side will just drone on about how they are downtrodden people and we should bend over backwards and rape our country for them. All while letting them break the law with no real punishment.


Hebrewhero, I hope you intentionally butchered merrier for dramatic effect.

That people can get into this country, free pass, by simply saying, "I fear for my life from drug cartels" or something along those lines, says a lot. After you ask for name, etc., you get "pour que?"

Reminds me of Total Recall - the mask/helmet only knows three sayings, after that you're hosed.

Seriously though, this is a problem. Why are our borders open like this? Did you also note other countries they are coming in from - Iraq being one. How the hell did someone go from Iraq to the Mexican border to enter the US... and afraid of a drug cartel?


Not sure about all the iraqi crap but cheap labor helps many american businesses thrive. You cant be pro capitilism and anti imigration. As long as our hell is bettet then their hell we will have illegals. More walls = more tunnels & better prices for cyotes..big waste of time imo


I think this is a HUGE problem!! Borders need to be better blocked off and all illegals should be deported immediately. It is against the law, you break the law, you face punishment. What is so hard about that.....


Not sure about the iraqi thing.. But u cant be pro capitalism & anti imigration. We need them as bad as they need us. If you think its bs just hang at home depot or drive through a afluent neighborhood. These people we demonize build our homes watch our kids & clean up our hotel rooms, pick our vegies, make the fast food industry humm... More walls & patrol = big waste of tax payer dollars..you will just get more tunnels and get highet rates for coyotes.


Cheap labor helps American businesses thrive, but not for Americans who pay taxes, and need to achieve a standard of living because they don't live tax free.... how is this good for America? Or are you referring to lining the pockets of the CEO's, COO's, and stock holders?

What is a cyote? Sorry I may not know the lingo.

Stationing our overseas troops to defend our border, giving them actual work instead of "laying off" military because they are too expensive, is one way to close our borders. You don't need walls just barbed wire fences and armed guards given permission to fire upon anyone attempting to cross in an "unsanctioned zone."

I have a sneaking suspicion you either don't pay much for taxes, or don't pay much attention to how much of your income is taken by taxes and what percentage of that is fed to people who literally do nothing and offer nothing to a country that is coddling them on our dime.


Good enough to pick your veggies, work your yard, fight your wars and raise kids to fight your wars, even raise your kids. I even had a great uncle who used German POW's as his "Mexicans."

But end of the day, you just see me as a dirty Mexican looking for free shit.


Coyote's, people who make a living moving other people across the U.S. boarder. They tend to be pretty dangerous folks as are most human traffickers.

When I think about the U.S. militarizing the U.S. Borders, I imagine we end up in another war. But the messed up thing is we end up at war with what is ultimately just a middle man. While we are at war with Mexican drug cartels we will see what happens to the entities within the U.S. who benefit from illegal labor and make money hand over fist, then talk like illegal aliens are the devil. I suspect Mexicans will be quite demonized during this time and other entities will find ways to get drugs into the country or continue building the infrastructure to manufacture them within the country. As it is a lot of the meth products coming from Mex are imported from Asia/ China.. Coke is from Columbia/S. America and a tiny portion from Mexico itself..

At least folks like you would see reality for what it is. What will we do? React by sending more jobs to China. How giving China jobs gets a pass in the Republican mind is beyond me. Aren't they red China commies? I'll tell you this, Mexico isn't producing any of the raw materials for drugs, other than really crappy Marijuana that hardly anybody buys.

Comedy gold to me man. Go ahead, militarize the border, you will do Mexico a favor.


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Don't forget heroin, over ninety percent of which comes from Afghanistan.

Closing the border would mean that the Army would have to fly it in themselves, maybe smuggled inside the coffins of dead soldiers. And nobody wants that to happen.


Who, the Chinese?

Lots of illegal Chinese offloaded near Shimoda, where I used to live.

Also, coincidentally, where Commodore Perry showed up to force the Meiji Emperor to sign those whaling treaties at gunpoint.

After that, pffft. There went the neighborhood. Fucking gaijin everywhere.



Yep, apparently neither my grandfather nor myself had blue enough eyes or blonde enough hair for their taste back then...

But what are you all doing about your women? Your boys are chumps/ the Japanese youth. Women are easy, willing and interested in exotic guys. Still suckers for blue eyes, but they are suckers for a lot of things now that they know whats up with dark men.

With our HUUUGE.. Dancing skills lol.


Yeah, it's not like this form of smuggling could supply the State of New York or anything.


It's your conservative philosophies that equivocate businesses/ corporations to people. What, you don't love YOUR people? :slight_smile: CEO's, COO's, Stockholders have their share of rich republicans.. Many of which I'm sure are also individuals that make up many different corporations, but there you go pointing the finger at Mexicans in particular.

Hey, since CEO's get to be basically two people (the individual and the corporation) doesn't that make them as important as two people? Seems that way, they get twice the rights of you and me, and you like it that way don't you..

Whats that saying from the bible, remove the plank from your own eye? :slight_smile: I'll let you finish that one off.


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