The Methoxy-7 Test Bottles Arrived!!

Glad everyone’s got it!

For the first 3 weeks, please use 1.5 scoops three times per day, pretty much evenly spaced; OR use 2 1/4 scoops (yes, that’s an odd amount, sorry) twice per day; being consistent through the 3 weeks.

Now, if only one of these methods is suitable for you, that’s fine, just stick with it for all 12 weeks. But hopefully some will be able to alternate methods each 3 weeks.

If you can do that, then for the second block of three weeks, go to the other protocol; for the next block back to the protocol you started with; and for the last 3 weeks back to the other protocol.

If trying the two protocols, please try to notice whether there seems to be a difference in efficacy.

A webpage will need to be put together to compile results and so forth, but it’s not necessary to be recording results each week and so forth. Thanks!