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The merits of Motown.

After reading the latest editorial I feel the need to add my two pennies worth of opinion.

Motown is, without a doubt, the greatest genre of music in the world…EVER.

Just look at the list,

Marvin Gaye
Smokey Robinson
Stevie Wonder
Aretha Franklin
Jimmy Ruffin
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Otis Redding
Sam Cooke

Need I say any more.

Hell yeah Spiderman,
Motown is the shit!!! Just think of all the people who owe the fact that they are alive to Marvin Gaye. You can bet your bottom dollar that more than a few of us were conceived to moms and pops doing the “hibbidy jibbidy” to Let’s Get It On…haha

YES you need to say more!

The Temptin’ Temptations!


One could make a great argument that Stevie Wonder is the most talented artist ever. I love the man and his music.

Other legends: Marvin, The Temps, Martha Reeves, Smokey…


Sam Cooke and Otis Redding both preceeded Motown and I;m pretty sure never recorded under Gordon’s label.

Nonetheless, Sam Cooke could be the best of the bunch.

temptations were great. You also got to include The Jackson 5 no matter how wacko jacko is now.

Motown muscle agrees! Also with fitone on the temptations!

Poohbaya, I stand corrected. An error on my part.

Some additions to the list also, The Isley Brothers and Ray Charles. Are they motown or just contemporaries of?