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The Mental Ups & Downs of TRT


Well aware of the SSRI issue. At the time of coming off of TRT I wasn’t as educated on the subject as I am now. The urologist, who I was under the care of at the time, assured me that cold-turkeying off on TRT would only be mildly unpleasant, he refused to give anything to restart the hpta.

I got on the SSRI because I could barely function and was desperate for a break in the adrenaline storm. I regret it now because I’ve heard the withdrawals from them are insane. I work in mental health though, and SSRI’s save lives, so I can’t agree they don’t have their place.


stopped all AI (I mean e2 control) and injected a shitload of test , it took like 2 weeks of that before I even got relief.


Mine is in the way up too. I get slight itch in the chest when it’s on the way up doesn’tmean am high.


Citalopram is some terrible stuff, I was on it for 6-7 years and it was hell for me to wean off of it. Never again. Took me months and was down to a crumb every 3 days and was still getting brain zaps, insomnia and extreme nervous leg syndrome.


I’ve heard it can be pretty bad. I’m only on 10mg, not even a therapeutic dose but I’ve still heard withdrawal’s hard even at that dosage.


I have nervous leg thing after the 2nd week of starting TRT… it’s still there 40% at week 6. It started almost overnight around week 2. Restless leg syndrome is said to be caused by low dopamine. T should be increasing dopamine and in every past experience I’ve had in the past even up to 1,000mg/week cycles (way back) I never had these issues - it just kept getting better and better week after week. This is the first time I’m on normal physiological dose 150mg and doing EOD, I used to always do E3.5D. My guess is E2 is crushed by EOD protocol and suppressed dopamine - joints are dry too.


I started at 10mg and was at 30mg by the time I started weaning off. Anything under 30mg and I had severe brain fog and anxiety all day. Sucked bad


Yeah they were trying to get me to go up on dosage but I said no. I have no idea how I’d go about weaning off with how small the pill I take is.


Use a pill cutter and go half for a week or 2 and then start to go crumbs. I would crush the pill up and eat crumbs. It was terrible and I never thought I could have such withdrawals from anything


I’ve heard that you’re supposed to decrease as slowly as 10% each month to avoid withdrawals.


I’m thinking of switching to E3D from EOD - I feel E2 has dropped significantly since switching to EOD. I tried to differentiate to see if the symptoms could be from high E2 since symptoms are very similar to low E2. I took some otc AI and it just made me feel worse so I think the issue may be Low E2.

Anyone else had this issue going to EOD? Did switching back to less frequent shots help?


Within the first 6 weeks your levels are going to drop, then become elevated again after 6 weeks.


I wonder if these issues are connected to my HPTA still being active… closing in on week 6 now and testies are still full size as well viscous white load (sperm) not just clear semen like normally on TRT.

If the HPTA is still active then it means body is not yet fully reliant on the exogenous T and my dosage protocol and timing aren’t really being utilized properly since it may still be producing endogenous hormones.


What’s your LH and FSH?


Haven’t tested yet - hopefully in the next couple weeks


Anyone else got some restless leg syndrome and excess nerve activity on TRT? Just feeling kind of wired all the time and find it hard to calm your nerves?


I got this when withdrawing from T and a little when getting back on it. I felt “tired but wired” all the time.


I’m gonna add some b6 p5p and magnesium hopefully that calms the nerves - I read that T increases serotonin levels which also adds to excess nerve activity


How do you guys deal with the energy on TRT? Sometimes it gets so overwhelming I need to hit the gym twice a day otherwise I’m almost wired both physically and mentally can’t stop talking and moving and going from one activity to another. Not necessarily a bad thing but comes across as overeager and attention seeking at times I think due to always wanting to be active and social…


I’m a low SHBG guy and spent a couple of months above 1000 ng/dL and I could sit still and had insane amounts of energy. Imagine what this would do to some guy who naturally has hypersexuality…!