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The Meet Went Well!


Took first!!

SQUAT: #1-335 was my opener, i sunk it deep and it was effortless

   #2-365 This had been a lift that was shaky for me in training, and I smoked it.

   #3-390 One of the spotters said something to me about bar placement, thoughtabout that too much, and so I didt keep my back straight enough. got down, got halfway, and I just couldnt get it, I might have been able to grind it out, but it just didnt seem like it.

BENCH: I was really nervous the start of my flight, i just didnt feel good, the time was prolly 200pm and I had got there at 7:00 am, so I was very tired. but then I used some nose tork, woke right up!

1-235 I picked this weight becuase I knew i could do it, I was easy.

2-255 Another weight that I was having a little bit of difficulty on, and it felt like 235!

3-275 Missed the startcommand, but still didnt get it to lockout


ok so now its like 6:00 pm, and I am DEAAAAAD. felt weak and blah. warmups went well, but not as well as id have liked.

1-415 it was supposed to be an easy warmup, it was not as easy as it is in the gym

2-455 it wasnt hard till that last bit to lockout.

3-475 couldnt lockout. nothing else to say. you cant hitch in competition lol.

Overall it was an amazing day, had sooo much fun, made some new friends, got to see Horace lane lift in competition ( does more in miguel reulan's gym though lol) And got to see some 770 squats in the USAPL. I now have an addiction to nose tork too :slightly_smiling: Will have vids up.
This was my first meet too. i only have a video of my squat cuz people dont know how to use my camera. and then it died :cry:


Nice job man, I hope my first meet doesnt run close to 12 hours!


Good lifts man. You might've missed the final attempts but the point is you pushed your comfort zone.


Now that i look AT IT, I wish I woulda only went up maybe 15 pounds, but it didnt FEEL heavy.




Were you wearing a belt?


Hey Brauny - Congratulations on a great meet.

I'll bet more meets will follow.



Good stuff man, well done.

The long meets are an absolute killer.


Kick azz brotha, My last 2 meets have been long meets USAPL and AAU but it taught me to space my warm ups and bring food.
It gets addicting after the first one.


congrats on the meet!


Thanks guys, yes I was wearing a belt, but I put it on and i tighten the shit out of it, and my singlet straps were down, so i didnt want to waste time taking it back off


Nice lifting!

Now you have a total to break in the next competition.


Nice job, sounds almost exactly like my first meet. What weight class were you in and which meet was it?


148 weight class lmao kidding, I was in 220 and teen-2. it was USAPL Ironworks open, in midland, MI


Nice job man. Is this going to be your first and last raw meet, or are you going to alternate between raw and equipped lifting?


You did a lot better than I did at my first meet 3.25 years ago!!

I went 365/245/420 at 198!!


No i think that meet will always be raw full, and maybe equip bench only


well thanks Han, those numbers are going up, I am stepping it up a notch for APF states next year, or another meet in the winter. I need to push myself harder, and go t my breaking point, havent found it yet, but working on it