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The Medal of Honor Awarded

I didn’t know where to post this…so I decided to post it here…

Today, The Medal of Honor was awared posthumously to Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith for Valor above and beyond the Call of duty in Iraq.

His story can be found here:


This is the most telling statement of Sgt. Smiths character and committment (in his last letter written to his Mother):

“There are two ways to come home… stepping off the plane and being carried off the plane. It doesn’t matter how I come home because I am prepared to give all that I am to ensure that all my boys make it home.”

His young son said that “this is all great…but I miss my best friend…”

This is an honor for the Warrior…so I can only hope that we do not turn this thread into a Political debate on the Iraq War.

Let’s save that for another thread…


Thanks for posting this.

A Brave Soul.

The account of this man’s bravery is truly astonishing.

A true leader among men.

He should get nothing but respect, which is what he will indeed get from me.

Him and his family must be swamped by the press after this.