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'The Mechanic' -Jason StathamTrailer


Remake of the old Charles Bronson film.

Looks good. Not sure but I think Jason is the new #1 Action star in hollywood now.


Saw the trailer the other night during a football game, one of those that could be great. I didnt see the rating is it R, if it is has great potential, if PG13 will suck donkey dicks.


Trust me watch this trailer if you can. Because it will answer the PG13-R question.


Looks good.Is the original any good?


I cant 460, firewall at work and when I get home at night too much shit to do to get online.


^ Man, It like super Rated R. I thought it was going be kinda boring (the clip that is) and WOW not bad at all.


Another plus is that Ben Foster is in the film. I think he's a really awesome actor. So I have no problem checking the film out in the theatres


Isn't a trailer just supposed to be a teaser?

As in, something that does NOT show you every single important and/or action scene in the movie in advance?


Statham was a star 5 yrs ago, not so much any more. His time has passed IMO


Helllll no, Thats a teaser. And that was a REDBAND trailer.


Yes because this is what Hollywood would rather see now. I will stick with Statham and the Expendables.




First of all, you're a dick for not embedding the youtube video.

Second of all, the movie looks like every other Jason Statham movie ever made. You have a hyper-evil villain that's wronged him somehow, and Statham has to kill a bunch of henchmen and blow up a lot of stuff to eventually kill the boss. Like a video game.

Redbox, no question.


I wonder why they didn't pick JS to star in the transformers... I mean, car chases... Stunt-driving... A girl and a car... More cars... Firefights... Sounds like every Jason Statham movie ever done. Ever.

And with him it would have been so much less painful to watch.


But... There's cars and car chases in it!




Bullshit - Statham rules. Just watched The Expendables on Blu-Ray last night - it was awesome! : )


460 is probably blocked like I am and cant youtube at work.

Also it is an action flick what do you want? The Notebook with killing? That is the genre and I dont go in expecting Gone with the Wind. I go in expecting death, T&A, one liners and car chases. But I would rather see a guy with some muscle development and not Shia I am a shaved 12 year old with a goofy face LaBouf.


Well 1. Your right about me being a Dick. But not on this one. I can't put up youtube anything. Even right now on your post all I see is a big white box.

  1. Hell that is ever action movie I've ever seen. Hyper-Evil Villain wronged someone, Revenge, ass kicking. However this may suprise you. All I'm going to say since its coming out on the 29th is don't watch the original. Don't want to give away anything. But it has a good story to work off of.


good movie, but actually solidifies my point. Nothing but past stars in that movie :smiley:

drago looked 70


So again with what Hollywood is pushing for the todays action stars what do us old guys who grew up on the "past Stars" have to look forward to? Hollywood is reactionary, if more people go to movies like the Expendables then maybe we can get a push for more real men types in movies.

I am tired of seeing the metro-emo crowd portrayed as Billy Bad-Ass. Because we all know in real life this is not what really happens. I dont think any of our special forces military guys are 115 pounds with the pouty look on their face. Hell this is a Testosterone website you would think it would be a given that 99% of the guys here would want to see people like us in the movies.