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The Mecca of Portland - Loprinzi’s Gym

Anybody been here?

Never heard of it before. Any photos? videos?

Admittedly, I may be a little ruined for calling any gym a “Mecca”, living on Long Island and popping it to Bevs every now and then, as well as having lived in LA, and trained at pretty much all the gyms every serious bodybuilder is required to visit.


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If you’re coming to Portland do yourself a favor and go to O’Malley’s instead. Definitely the best gym for bodybuilders and powerlifters that I’ve been to in the area.

Also a good powerlifting gym is Ironside Training and definitely the place to go for strongman.

I have a powerlifting friend who trains at Odd Barbell and likes it there, but they don’t look like they have the variety of equipment a bodybuilder would need.

Ya. Guess I was just referring to the nostalgia of the place. Anybody who was into bodybuilding in Portland “back in the day” would definitely have trained here. Lots of autographed photos thanking the OG owners. It’s a gym, a museum, and a time capsule.

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Ahhh Love places like that. First time I went to Bob Bonam’s old place (Strong n Shapely) in Jersey, he and I hit it off, him giving me the full tour, and eventually hiring me to do some design work for him.

He really does (did?) have everyone you could possibly think to throw up on the wall.


Haven’t trained there, but I’ve gone to check it out. Lots of cool old photos and equipment. I like the old cannonball dumb bells.


That place looks great! Thanks for the photo tour. I love gyms like that with so much to look at, such A connection to the sport and history.


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