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The Meathead in Person (Definition)


From urbandictionary:

Meathead (noun):

(1) An enormously muscular guy who cannot hold a conversation about anything other than weight-lifting and protein shakes. Gets upset very quickly when he cannot complete his own sentences and thoughts. Can be found at nightclubs wearing shirts that are 10 sizes too small (if at all). They are by far the most closely related human beings to that of apes, chimpanzees, and other primate.

(2) Anthony or "Tony" is a typical meathead name.

(3) Shopping at Hollister is an also essential part of the average meathead's day.

(4) Meatheads tend to abbreviate where they live by putting the first letter of the city, and adding *town after.

Hahahaha. That got me laughing..


yeah me too..i laughed b/c of how wrong that is.


Yeah of course. But you gotta think of who writes these user-submitted definitions on urbandictionary: Typically the opposite of what they write about. So for example, it was probably a pimply, skinny, whiny dude who can't get chicks to save his life who wrote the above definition on meatheads. Jealousy, man, jealousy...


What is Hollister?


Are you a meathead?


I am uber-meathead. Unres....wait, i cant finish the sentence, oh there we go: Unrestrained.


The next Abercrombie


i think its close to true.. not every bodybuilder is a meat head though


I was going to write something articulate but I forgot what articulate meant. So I killed a chicken and ate it instead.


Close to true? Aside from the "extremely muscular" part, what other part rings true to you?

Hollister? Nope, don't know one person I would cal serious in any gym I've trained in who had that as an issue.

Tony? Gee, I know one Tony who is a NPC competitor and that's it.


That's not "meathead"...that's just having your priorities straight.

Next time, kill a cow.


Hollister owns Abercrombie. H. is a cheaper V. of A.


X, I don't think the meathead definition is supposed to be leading people to Bodybuilding competetors or all around big guys.

It just refers to the somewhat big guys, who are rediculously stupid. Like the ones who "inject thier creatine steroids".

I know plenty of big strong guys who are really smart, and I know plenty of small skinny twerps who are dumb as shit. However when you combine being big and being dumb as shit, you generally end up with a meathead, specifically because he can act differently than his dumb skinny counterpart due to his size. He is given more room to be a fuckup and an idiot because less people call him on it throughout his life, again due to his size. If you look at that thread about guido beach, well some of those guys in there are pretty spot on meatheads. Again it has nothing to do with competing BBers, it's just some big dudes who probably workout some who are complete fucking idiots.



Cool, then that means most "extremely muscular" bodybuilders wouldn't be able to fit in it in the first place.


We all get painted with the same brush. I seriously doubt the average person is saying, "Is he a meathea....naw, he's TOO MUSCULAR to be one of those".


Exactly. Or else end up looking like a...meathead!!!!!


Also a good addition to #1 would have been to add that though they may be in the gym all day long they are in there mostly walking around BSing, and curling in the squat rack. The kid with chicken legs and above average size arms doing his 5th variation of bicep curls using UBER slow rep speed while he checks out how pumped his guns look in the mirror.



I'm sure upon speaking to you, no one thinks your a meathead. Actually even if they do, do you really give a flying fuck?



just spent a good 60 seconds trying to figure out wth (4) was talking about

it should be "town" not *town, what a dunce.


it 4got