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The Meathead Art Thread


Started this today

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Youngest sons work again


I’m putting together a Rick and Morty / Adventure Time Crossover poster


Took a shot at Stormbreaker


do doodles count?

imma doodler, not sure if it counts as art, tho~

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Going to see an advance showing of Shazam later today, so here are a few small doodles I did last week :slight_smile:



Son made me a family crest.


Not sure what to make of this one… Maybe I’m not deep enough to get the symbolism.

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I haven’t participated in this thread before, so here’s an oil painting I did when I was like 13. Some background, my great aunt was a professional artist, and she taught my brother and I for about a year. This was a replication of a template that was in the art book she was teaching from, and is something I couldn’t repeat today, I wish I had kept painting and kept up/built my skills. It’s been on my mom’s wall for the last 40 years, and I brought it to Kansas with me when she downsized. There are a few more that my brother and I did, that she kept.


More from my youngest.


That’s badass. Also, the tried and true curse of an awesome artist with terrible hand writing.


He’s also left handed if that means anything


It means everything. Theres a direct correlation with artists being left handed, promotes more creativity or some nonsense, and they ALL have bad handwriting. I do, my whole art class in high school, my art teacher, it’s like writing must bore them or something.


I remember hearing on many occasions about brain dominance regarding the right and left hemispheres . Wasn’t sure if that was still considered valid.


The lefty bad handwriting thing is more due to Western writing being done left-to-right, so as a lefty you either have to drag your hand through the ink as you write or contort your wrist to work around that issue.


Lefty here. Explain my crappy Hebrew handwriting, skipper.

I actually can’t stand writing by hand – too slow. I type way faster. I end up writing part of the next word in the middle of the word I am writing.


Have you considered the possibility that you just suck at handwriting? I’m a lefty as well, and I suck at handwriting whichever direction I do it in. The direction of writing is a contributing factor for most people who write left-to-right, but it’s definitely not the only possible culprit.

Also, did you learn to write in English before Hebrew, or vice versa?


Hebrew first. English and French second. Arabic in school, which I really suck at. Probably better at speaking French than English, as, according to a Frenchman today “I did not sound like a Jew, but a Parisian.” I think she meant “Israeli”, but whatever. Half my family is French-speaking.


Back on topic, since @SkyzykS says framing is art, I will reveal my very first attempt at framing, done because the framer wanted an absurd amount of money to shadow box this plate (mainly I think because he was afraid to have it in his shop). It’s about 14cm deep.


Very sharp!