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The Meathead Art Thread


I hope it is quality since it was a assigned class work for him


I didn’t commit to Inktober this year, but doodled this yesterday and chuckled to myself all the while -lol



Does this count?


Pretty damn impressive for sure.


Thanks. Played for 8 years


This isn’t really my art… It’s a combination of designs I’ve purchased, but thought I’d share anyway. I’m thinking about using it as breast logo on hoodies


youngest again…

Damn think this is one of his best yet…looks like school is paying off.


Another new one


This one is from a few years ago. I did not build it but did the lights it. It was a massive project. The feathers light up in pairs and then blink out and flash on the make it look like he popping his tail. Has so many lights on it, I burned up three control boxes before he ordered one big enough to handle the wattage. My buddy went on a Christmas lights motorcycle ride last nite and sent me the pic.
13 ft tall and 20ish ft long.


Bulldog, your son’s diversity in art in nothing short of incredible. Most artists find a niche and run with it, but he seems extremely talented in all aspects.

Also, I love this thread.


Thanks… I take great pride in that someone would say that about my son. I just hope that diversity will allow him to be successful down the road .


some more…


Started messing with my surface pro. I never gave it much of a shot before, but the pen is actually pretty good.


Practice practice practice


I am kinda waiting for his guts or something to blow out of that oval!


Lol, hopefully, no one hit him that oval or his head will blow off…


Ho Ho Ho

Perhaps a little New Years diet is in store.



While de-cluttering our home the other day, I ran across this cut-out I made for my wife for Valentine’s Day in high school. Notebook laying next to it for size.


Finished this up today


Working on another piece

Finished it up