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The Meathead Art Thread


Nice work


Ink drawing youngest did for a class yesterday…


That’s awesome


Are you making reference to my sons stuff?


Ya, the one you posted above is really cool.


I just hope his stuff gets more bad ass over the next 4 years… hate the idea of pissing money away on his future.


Well that last drawing is from an Anime/Manga called Berserk, and the artist is renown for his talents. So the fact that he can even mimic that style is actually tremendously impressive.


You are correct… His stuff is heavily influenced by amine manga and along with western style comic book art. He is slowly developing his own style


Make sure he does real drawing and not just emulating certain styles. I used to teach drawing at a college, and so many young kids messed themselves up thinking that being able to draw in one style is going to get them places. Having real drawing skills is what will enable you to work in any style a job requires.



No worries he can . Also we suggested to him when he was younger to be well rounded so he has some ability working with other mediums


Came across another one the youngest did 10 month ago…


A little unfinished (pen died) Weapon X doodling from my lunch break yesterday.



Work in progress. Thoughts @The_Mighty_Stu



Very well done. He’s got a good eye.



I’ll repost it once it is completed


How do you get that marbled effect on the floors?


That effect is pretty cool.


Its not my work it is the one son i have in art school. I will ask him when I see him ,maybe he will have it completed and I can post it.


Well here’s the finish picture from the youngest @The_Mighty_Stu @chaoshander @usmccds423


I don’t have the eye that @The_Mighty_Stu and some others have, but I can appreciate quality work and that sir is a quality sketch.