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The Meathead Art Thread


Very nice!

How did you form those bends?


I do this seasonal stuff for a friend. He has stand with a nut on top, you slip the rebar in, then with a piece of pipe over the rebar you can bend it by hand.
The circles are made with a set up made from three pulleys and a scissor jack.


I’ve seen a few set ups like that.

Christmas lights is what I thought of when I saw that. You gotta get a pic when its all lit up!


Will do!


what type of welder did you use?


Miller Mig


I like miller. I have a Lincoln, but that’s only because I got it at cost.


He has a nice set up. Nothing huge but nice. The only thing I haven’t played with yet is the plasma cutter…lol
I have an old Lincoln stick here at home that was my dad’s and a small wire fed. It’s just easier to go use his!


goofy lil sketch today


Part 2


Did a thing this week


Are you doing Inktober?



I’m trying to, but I doubt I’ll manage every day. It took me two days to do that…


Lol - I managed every day last year but some were just so rushed I wince when I see them. I’ll throw some up this year, but I’m not gonna freak if I miss here and there. I can’t spend the time like I used to.



Coffee break sketch…






Wow great stuff guys! Cool to see all the detailed drawings, and I particularly like the Elvis painting. I paint in oils and do mixed media sculptures. Here are some examples of my work


Very nice!


Lattest from the youngest