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The Meathead Art Thread


Very cool! I hope you keep us updated on his progress.



Oh I have no problem with it. I’m free spirit. I’m just not sure Bulldog is crazy about the idea :rofl:


Really good, that shading is on point. Thoroughly enjoying this thread.


This is an old one I drew some years ago.

I haven’t picked anything up concerning art supplies. I’m probably a bit rusty but nothing some brushing up can’t fix. Legit supplies are rather expensive, so I’ll just wait to get some eventually.

Don’t know what happened to my calligraphy, water color, oil pastel, or acrylic pieces. But they’re out there somewhere.


will do.


Now for the record…I have no issue with him being a Free spirit.
Just not a free spirit that does not have a pot to piss in whom I might have to support when hes 40.


If he can hone his skills with tattoo needles you won’t have anything to worry about.

One trade that is a little obscure but seems pretty lucrative and satisfying is stained glass design, restoration, cartooning and painting. I’ve known a few of those guys to do pretty well.


Some amazing stuff in here. This is the best I got :frowning_face:



Not sure what he exactly got in mind… I know he will be taking 3D animation and design cannot keep track of him. I do know he plans on double majoring . Also He is heavily influenced by comic boy and Anime style of art.


After almost 10 years, I finally updated the back design for my client t-shirts (officially available in 2019!) I’m actually a little sad to “retire” the old image because it’s been so popular, but for the Non-hardcore crowd I’m sure a more stark/contrasting imge will stand out.



@bulldog9899 my best friends older brother spent his life drawing and worshipping Star Wars. Super talented guy. He ended up designing the Millenium Falcon in the Force Awakens. Best success story I know.

All my friends from the college I went to - which had a particularly good art conservatory - are doing well, and they’re doing something they love. Creativity opens up big doors for those brave enough to follow it. Good for your son, and good for you.


From what I’ve read about contest prep diets, an image of starving and angry animals sounds pretty appropriate!


All I want is my youngest to be able to make a living at what he enjoys. He doesn’t have to make tons of money but neither do I wAnt to see him struggle because of lack of money down the roAd.


Art is just such a finicky path, to make something of yourself you have to:

*…be good
*Either heavily influenced by pop culture, or have a massive cult following, or be truly unique
*have an undersaturated market
*be able to promote yourself
*have the funds to start from the ground
*have an incredible drive to pursue greatness

Its doable, and I’ve seen success stories, but I learned long ago that I simply dont have the desire to push myself into the path. But to be fair, I never even attempted a career at it. Good luck to your son, I think he’ll do fine. There are so many options these days, hell make it work.


Also I haven’t posted anything since I created this, so here’s something new.


Sketched this while listening to a Jocko Willink podcast.


Here’s some bored hurricane art, without the power the inspiration flows.


Not sure it’s art but, I turned this rebar into a train.


It most definitely is! Looks great


Oops! Loaded the wrong pic the first time. Going to go work on the car tomorrow.