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The meaning of life...

OK. Maybe this is an oversimplification. I admit it. But the way I see it, the life of a man revolves around one concept (mostly): whatever augments my chance to propagate my geneline is good.

Being fit. Feeling good about one’s self. Feeling in control of yourself. Having self-esteem. Doing things that really change something (specially what impacts your future or other’s reality, most especially long-term). Being strong. Synergistic relationships. Synergistic sex. Not lacking the basic necessities. Being well adapted to your environment and accepting your limits. Evolving at (whatever) meaningful level. Freedom of choice. Liberty. Being free from the past. Having an ever groing sense of control over yourself and your future. Money in the bank. Health.

Exceptions aside, in a caveman setting (no societal limitations), all of these ‘plusses’ increase your chance of survival and (in a survival of the fittest set) therefore your chance of having your genes survive one more generation.

Only problem is, we’re stuck with DNA that has not evolved at the same rate of the societal structures. The instincts remain. But that is a whole different topic. Don’t know how beer fits in, though…inhibition killer? :wink:

You make a good point.

  However, we've always been gregarious and the challenges of society are no different today than those of 15,000 years ago.

  Sure, we have nuclear weapons today than can anihilate the entire mankind and the vast majority of species in a snap. However the challenges posed to us as individuals from society, have always been there.

  Contrary to what many people think, there are such things as alpha males in humans. Just look at the guy who's banging half the chicks at your gym, while you revel in the fact tha one of them smiled at you and *might* be interested in you (Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you see my point). That's always been there, and will always be there. That's certainly a challenge.

  As long as we've been gregarious, we've always had someone tell us what to do. It's not the simple 'go clean after yourself' from your parents, it's the man in charge of the hunting (which always went on in groups of males) telling what you need to do, the girl you're banging telling you what you need to do (honey, there's a big bad wolf outside and it'll eat us both if you dont go outside and kill it with your bring stron bodybuilder arms), there'll be other in your group telling you how to behave (Now dont go 'roun killin the man jus cuz he called you 'Ugha bugga').

 It's real simple: Where there's a group of people, or even animals, there are rules to be followed, people to obey to, people to watch out for; there are the ones who have it all and are the envy of all, and there are the ones who are happy just because they have some. 
 Tens of thousands of years ago, I'd bet you anything if you killed someone unfairly, you'd be dealt with accordingly (read: killed or secluded) by your peers. We've always had an inherent sense of justice which is WHY we have our judicial system, not the other way around (sure our judicial system may differ from the muslim one, but it's still there).
 We've always had events like parties - Our ancestors, who often went for weeks with little to no food would often celebrate and eat their asses off when there was a big harvest (when a whole bunch of animals were killed, and so forth). That would carry them for a while longer.
 We've always had leaders - how else do you get hundreds/thousands of people, each wanting to do things their way, to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done? 

  All the infrastructure we have now, is the infrastructure our ancestors had (the ones who didnt have things like an equivalent of a judicial system, a place to learn a trade such as making arrows, using animal skin to cover your privates...would be anihilated by tribes with a keener sense of order and organization, as this order allows them to evolve further and develop stronger defense and attack mechanisms). Weapons or no weapons, military or no military, college or no college, work or no work, these needs have always been there, and their equivalent was there in any group of people or tribe that was to survive for any reasonable period of time. 

  Good post though. Im sure if our ancestors knew of beer, they'd have had invented nightclubs and spent their friday nights getting hammered till daylight, and then forget all about it till the coming friday, lol.

On the subject of beer, some anthropologists suggest that humans may have learned to harness agriculture-- thus leading to civilization eventually-- because of beer.

Beer may be responsible for all you see.
I’m too lazy to elaborate right now.

  There's an entertaining thought, civilization being a product of the same kind of bum that now roams our streets for a piece of chicken in the garbage container, carrying his own, stolen, supermarket carriage with all his useless stuff, sleepin in a cardboxnear the Bus stop, and talking to people that dont exist.

Misery loves company? Never thought it would be so litteraly evident (if the theory is exact, that is).

What is the meaning of life to me. Well I think you guys heard enough of that from me. All the shit that I been through. But I’ll say it one more time. Meaning and purpose of life is to enjoy it and help others along the way w/ your knoweldge and wisdom. And above all this is our stepping stone our guide to a better place to live in our after life. Whether your a christian, Jewish, Muslium or what ever faith you have, your master and creator is watching every move you make and preparing you for what ever plans he has in store for u when you die and move on.

In Health,


Diesel23: I have read once that people, even though they will never admit it publicly, silently or subconsciously, beg to be controlled (okay, it came from a marketing wizard, so sue me LOL). What I have seen so far in my life tends to confirm me that theory. Given the choice between taking responsibility, MOST people will want to point fingers, find scapegoats or mystical/ethereal reasons instead of taking responsibility. Therefore, it’s like there’s already a built-in DEMAND in the species for leaders. Leaders, like you said, are already a fact of life and so is a certain structure to societies. I’d prefer a meritocracy or a geniocracy (as in brain power guided) but that’s a dream, I know. Back to leaders. That’s one of the reasons I like the T-Mag website and forum so much: while we’re not all alpha males, the spirit of it seems to dominate here. Excellent.

QUESTION: Is there such a thing as USMC Drill Instructor ‘bootleg’ available to civilians (or whatever book that comes close to it on the free market)??? I have always respected the way good DI’s can motivate people without tripping over the fine line between motivation and assault/bullying. I need more good training on that matter for my job. Any good book or website would be most welcome. (Note: Have already read Marcinko. Need to fine tune it for use with civilians.) Thanks in advance!


  'Hello, Mark speaking'

  'The first and last words coming out of your filthy mouths from this point forward will be SIR and SIR!! Haver I made myself clear to you maggot!!'


   'What did I just tell your filthy mouth to do? Do you think I amuse you private Mark? Does this seem like a joke to you??? Ill be seeing you at the quarterdeck at 1:00 am. I hope you lady like doing sit-ups to death!!!!

   I am calling you ladie because I HAVE GREAT news for you! You maggot have just been pre-qualified for that there Silver Visa Credit Card with a credit limit of up to 2000 DOLLARS!! You will sleep with it and call it your friend! You will treat it as such and will give it a ladie's name! You may marry someday to someone, but your true love will ALWAYS be your credit card! It will save you and keep you alive through the bad and the good!

   Have I made myself clear!

   All you fucking piece of lard have to do is fill out the application you will receive in the mail within the next 2-3 days and send it back to us! You will then be on of the few and the proud and will proudly display the Visa logo! Wherever you see this logo with someone you will salute him and treat him as your friend! Some of you may die in serving this logo, but the esprit de Visa will live on!!


  Just thought it'd be funny to have a D.I. try to call my house to sell me a credit card, lol.
 Dan, while I dont have a list of good books on Basic Training D.I.s, you might wanna try Amazon.com and typing something like 'Marine Corps Drill instructor' in the search engine. I'm sure you'll come up with a bunch.