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The Meaning of Life (for single tmen)

Otherwise known as Poontang Volume Training or Poontang for Life. Thats right … cause unless Im entering some odd ketosis Im having an epiphany here - the secret to meeting and securing new mates is as follows:

  1. NEVER talk, read or think about it in any way.
  2. NEVER go too far out of your way, or make too much of a conscious effort, to find or secure one.
    Go out if you want or do your thing, just do it for the sake of doing it and not for the sake of scoring and youll do it with more confidence and spark. It works - Im not a particularly religious man but seriously, relax and god, the universe, the force or whatever will take care of it FAR sooner than if you didnt. Its a neural adaptation ( um … of … sorts …) - making a conscious effort to do 1 and 2 above 24-7 will free up valuable head space which you can put to good use focusing on you and doing the right thing physically, mentally and spiritually. Preserve that good mental energy and within weeks, or in some cases days, circumstances will arise where you will be provided with an obvious and worthwhile opportunity - just remember you may need to use TCs direct approach or some of Whoppers debonair tactics to close the deal. Think about it - we have probably all unknowingly practiced this one and have had our best results with it. As I said in my recent article on this entitled The Few Week Gettin None Cure … “Will everybody get a girl within weeks using this approach? No, some will get two or more!”

Right on my man! I’m telling you, every time I’ve met someone, it was when I wasn’t looking! It works every time!

I tried that approach and my sex life stayed domant way too long, although I to agree with it in theory. I will say this though: online personals… they rock! It’s like window shopping … you get to see what a girl looks like, how she answers questions, if responses go well, it leads to e-mail, buddy chat, then a phone call, etc. I was hesitant to try the whole thing, but I can’t argue with success. And yes, there are a lot of scary people out there … so you just have to weed through them. And chicks think it’s hysterical that I’m so finicky about what I eat, that I have to eat every few hours, etc. Just don’t use normal pick-up lines … find something in their profile that youc an relate to, or just tell a funny story. They respond best to those and not stuff like, “Hey, you’re hot, let’s get together.”