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The MAWG 5/3/1 Log


Today I started the 5/3/1 workout with a slight tweak in my neck but here is day one’s numbers

Military: 95lbs/5, 115/5X2, 135/8(got a weird leg shaking on the last two reps)

Weighted Dips: 15/10X5 sets

Kroc Rows 90/18, 90/15, 90/12

Shrugs 225/15X2

Incline situps BW/25. Plank 30sec hold

Tomorrow is dead lift day (my favorite lift so it will be difficult to stay with small numbers)

I’ll follow this one with interest.

Yesterday’s workout was tweaked a bit cause my low back was giving me fits but since the weights are sub-max I figured I’d go anyway:

Deads: 205x5, 225x5, 265x9 ( high reps on deadlifts made me breathe like John candy on a mountain hike)

Chins: 15x5, 15x5, BW x 7

Step ups on bench: 25 dumbells X 10 25X10

Added 2 more protein drinks to my daily eats.

I’m off today, so I’ll skip rope and do some heavy bag punching for my cardio today.

Tomorrow is bench ( my worst lift by far)