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The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions

During the upcoming Super Bowl, there will be a 30-second trailer for The Matrix sequels shown. A cool 2.1million dollars spent by Warner Bros.

But, your dear old Patricia has found that the Japanese version is out now on the web. And here it is: www.nintendofanboy.com/reloadedCM.mpeg This is a fan site, if it doesn't work. I can post two other links. Hey, up until now, I've been rather *ahem* cynical in thinking the Waschowski brothers could pull this off. I'm STILL in the belief that "Bound" is their best flick; however, this trailer? WOW.

Couldnt get it to work :confused:

I had originally added a space between “/” and “reloaded”. May still be there. I’ll post the other two links…gotta find them again, though.

It worked for me.

If you have trouble getting it to work, open your favorite media player, go to File>Open and then type the URL. Should work.

Worked for me, looks cool. Thanks!

Haven’t seen the clip…not trying…I’m on dial up. But all I can say is the Twins look cool. Fake Violence…hooray!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Patricia, the trailer looks pretty good! Here are a few things I read in a Newsweek article… There’s a fight scene that takes place where Neo fights 100 Agent Smiths, and it took 27 days to film. There’s also a fight that takes place on top of cars on the freeway, where an agent lands on a car and basically turns it into a pancake. If you haven’t already, pick up the Newsweek article, it’s pretty good. I can’t wait to see this movie.

If you have any trouble with that one, The trailer is also availble at www.thematrix.com

These are going to be big.

The trailer on the official site is the first teaser. The upcoming trailer contains shots from the teaser as well as some “spoiler” shots that are brand new.

Ahhh, thanks Patricia, can’t wait for the movie!!!

thanks patricia…
You always provide the coolest things to keep me from doing my work (lol) :wink: