the match to come

Here is my situation, this weekend I am going to a show with my girlfriend and her ex is going to be there. This seems like no big deal, but supposedly he has been saying that if he sees her with another guy he is going to beat the shit out of him, or in this case me. Now I am a peaceful person unless someone shoves me or tries to take a swing at me, in that case I am a mean SOB. I haven’t been in a fight in a long time and this guy is one of those trouble makers. I am much larger than he is 215 and he is prbably around 150, but he is tall and linky and I am only 5’9". I am going to try and be peaceful, but I am going to go prepared, a roll of quarters in each hand. What do all of you think, and what would you do in this situation?

Be cool at first as if you’re not worried. If this punk gives you the slightest idea they he may try to hit you, blast him first, square in the chin. Then go home n fuck the shit out of the girl that you took from him.

If he starts shit, beat the fuck out if him. He deserves it. If he doesn’t, don’t.

Don’t be the aggressor because a lot of troublemakers who start fights like to sue people who beat the crap out of them. Even if the troublemaker is the one to start the fight. Plus the courts would favour him because of the size difference.

Here’s the thing. Don’t pulvarize him. I know, I know. That’s what you should be able to do if he attacks you… but I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate it. What kind of show is this? If he attacks you before the show, don’t hit first. Keep your eyes on him, wait til he makes a move, and hit him one time that counts. Embarrass him, then sit down and enjoy the show. If he attacks you afterwards, embarrass him and leave. But don’t, don’t beat him into a bloody pulp… your girlfriend will get very upset.

Beware of the dog that doesn’t bark. From what you say, you have nothing to worry about physically if this guy were serious. Any guy talking shit like that will not back it up. Same kind of guy that’ll hit a girl - they’ll react differently around a guy.

Probably stomp him in to the ground. Have fun!

I bet you money if he does see you he wouldn’t do shit. Get back to us on what happens.

Yeah, I will keep all of you posted on what happens. The show we are going to is a local band, a friend of ours.

Just keep your eyes open. If you do have to hit him, hit him hard just below the sternum and knock the wind out of him. He’ll drop like a stone and just sit there on the ground looking like a fish out of water gasping for air. That way you won’t break your fist on his chin. Good luck!

go there to enjoy youself and forget about the wuss. Most people can’t fight at all (its kinda pathetic) so this idiot will push you or something if he wants to start it. And if he does just push him back a lot harder and once he is on the ground maybe he will think twice. Here is a neat trick to try… lets say this guy shoves you, so you go shove him, but instead grab him then bring him slowly towards yourself once he starts to resist fling him back, this way you will combine your mighty strengh with his punyness into megaultrauber strengh and send him flying hahaha aaah fun times Also don’t ever punch at the mouth, cuz you’ll cut yourself, try not to punch high onto the jaw cut you’ll break it and that’s a no no, rememmber the body follows the head, so if this guy has long wussy hippie hair then have fun with that. No offense to any other wussie hippies on this forum :wink:

But still… try to be cool and have fun.

oh yea… if he has a bunch of his friends there with him, then just ignore him and walk away, cuz it would be likely that they’ll get you from behind or somethin.

If he starts trouble, grab him, grapple him, and hold him to the ground. Then, tell him he isn’t allowed up until he calms down. Don’t hurt him, just physically dominate him

When he calms down, be very, very ready. If he wigs out again, gut punch him (like suggested above). Then, very calmly decide his fate (“should I kick the shit out of you … or not?”).

Don’t really hurt the guy too much, you’re much bigger and have to worry about legal issues. Just dominate him.

Oh yeah, if he pulls a knife - get away. The only time you have a decent chance against a knife is if you have a coat in your hand or leather gloves (experts will disaggree of course). If you do have to fight him with a knife, well, he’s excalated the whole thing to stupid levels.

Break his legs and anally rape him.

Here’s something I told one of my residents about fighting an attacker that has a knife (if you can’t get away): “You’re going to get cut. The only thing you can do is control where. Kick his stomach and groin, and keep him the hell away from your vital organs… the best place to get cut is going to be your lower leg.”

Be the better man and let it go…unless, of course, he throws the first punch, in which case you should make him look like an ass in public:)

lose the quarters. they hurt your hand as much as the other guys jaw. You got him by 65ibs. Let him instigate it. If he throws first take him apart…meaning beat him until he stops resisting. If you want to set him off then whisper in his ear that you just railed his ex girlfriend and that she thinks he was a slacker in bed.

No point in starting a fight. You never know what the other person will do to win. Think about it. I’m a little guy. Do you think I’ll purposely pick a fight with someone much bigger and stronger than me? And if I did, don’t you think I’d stack the deck in my favor? You better believe it. So before you get yourself stabbed, shot or maimed, just act cordial unless he takes the initiative to attack you.

Anyway, you can just laugh in his face and ask him if he’s really serious. Just embarrass the hell out of him. Or totally ignore him. People hate to be ignored. Especially if they try talking to you, and you act like they aren’t even there.

If you have a roll of quarters in each hand the courts will want to know why. The quarters could be considered a weapon and then you will be in even more trouble.

Hey thanks everyone I appreciate it. At first I was kinda wiggin’ out about it, but with all of your replies I have a little better grip of what to do, which is play it cool and avoid fighting unless I feel I have to defend myself. I kinda hope I have to defend myself though, because I haven’t been in a fight in a long time and I am feelin’ kinda antsy. If you know what I mean.