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The Master Plan


Hey guys,
Thought i'd start a thread in here about where i am, where i want to be and how i'm going to do it.

I decided to do it here because hopefully i'll get help of the experienced guys in here.

Age: 24
Height: 5'10
Weight: 228
BF: circa 25%
LBM: 170lbs

Deadlift: 450
Bench: 315
Squat: 275

So i've been lifting on and off for the last 8 or so years, newb gains and that's about it.
Weight constantly fluctuated over the years between 195-240 and at the moment i'm on the way back down.

I'm currently doing the v-diet and lifting hard 5/6 times a week to drop the fat as fast as possible, and to hold on to as much muscle as possible.

The last few months i've decided to start taking things seriously mainly after seeing guys on this site such as X, Way, Stu etc...

I gain body incredibly fast and i handle carbs quite bad as well. If i slack for a month or so and eat like the average american i can gain 20lbs easily.

My plan is get my weight down to around 190 which; if i maintain lbm will put me around 10% bf.

From here my plan is clean bulk as much as possible for maybe 6 months or so.

I want to try and eat around 1000 cals on top of maintenance a day, split before and after my workout so my extra calories actually go to some good use.

Any input form you guys in here would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.


V-Diet huh..?

You may get flamed for that.

Why does your squat suck so bad?


Ya the squat definatly stands out man.

I would move legs up to the first workout of the week if you havent done so already

EDIT: It also wouldnt hurt to specify what your leg workout looks like


I knew i'd get flamed for the squats.

Mistakes made at the beginning of my training or should i say lack of training legs. Up until around a year ago i never squatted and it's gone up from 160 back then to 275 now.

Been following the squat vids at EliteFTS and they have really helped my form out.

Thanks for the advice, i want to hit the legs at the start of the week from now, i'm confident within 4-6 weeks i'll be squatting 315,

As for the V-diet.... I know it works, it drops weight fast. I know i can drop 30lbs in a month.

If there was a protocol to gain 30lbs in a month would people turn their noses up at that?

It is what it is, i know i can loose a lot of fat fast on that diet so why would i do a different diet that is slower?


Squat once a week.... 5/6 sets working up to about a 3rm.

In all honesty, i don't do leg press, leg extension, hamstring curls, any kind of calf training.

Only hamstring work i do directly is RDL's once a week.

Maybe this explains why my squats suck... damn when i actually say it out loud i sound pathetic. Maybe they should of never let me in here!


I think 1000 cals a day above maintenance is too much, especially if adding bodyfat is an issue. I would aim for around 350-500 and see how that works first.


Eating that much over maintenance consistently... Only if you do something that allows for VERY fast strength gains... And if you do extra cardio on top of that...


thanks cc and waylander.

I'll finish my cut first and see what my metabolism is like.

Whats the best way to work out maintenance? Going off my calcualtions BMR i think its around 2500cals a day?


Just increase your intake again after your diet until you stop gaining weight or losing it... Or guess... If you've been keeping track of your cals from the beginning of your diet it should be easy to figure out...

Formulas aren't exactly super-reliable due to the many factors you have to consider, but I guess you can use as a starting point.


Cheers CC, thanks for the input, i'll finish the cut and go from there.


Definitely smaller number above maint, at least not this high every day. One day a week having a 'bump up' isn't horrible, in fact it's what a lot of people do when cutting. Similarly, adjust downward slightly on days when you're not training.

For legs, you may want to try upping your frequency (you also want to add more to your hamstring exercise selections). I had a situation where my legs definitely lagged due to a back injury (couldn't train 'em properly for a while). Doubling up definitely helped... a lot. Just get used to being sore all the time :slight_smile:



Cheers stu, always good to get solid advice without the sarcasm or getting flamed.

I did legs the day before yesterday and can just about take a crap without screaming!

I'm guna start adding front squats, and hamstring curls into my routine aswell along both seated and standing calf work. Seen as they are the biggest muscles in the body i figure hitting them hard is also guna help me cut as well.

I naturally have big legs they just ain't that strong due to lack of training. I think it's time to correct this!


By the way for referance, this was me at 19 around 5 years ago before i let my self slowly slip.

I've got stronger and i know i've gained muscle since then so hopefully when i'm doen this time around,i'm guna stick to it and not slip and become fatter again.

6 months before this pic i was 260lbs and pretty obese. I was training hard but my diet was horrific so i was in state of 'BULK' at a constant 35% bf.

I dropped around 65lbs in 6 months due to meeting a hot girl who i wanted so bad it forced me to sort myself out. And i'm happy to say i'm now engaged to her! :slight_smile:

Anyways i was around 195 here and i wana get that weight again. I'm sittign at 228 now as we speak!


Trained legs again today and chest aswell. Hit them both hard, tryna get rid of this fat as quick as possible!

I've been finding db press works my chest a lot more than standard bench press as well, the same with incline press.


Was just about to say that.

The best gains in strength I made for my legs was when I did them every 5 or 6 days (e.g. Mon/Fri/Wed).


I've started to hit my legs twice a week now, instead of once a month if i was lucky.

I'm just trying to get them conditioned and used to being trained.


Ok so something must be working, gave the mrs a hug today and she had her head on my chest, she says it feels firmer and it feels like pecs instead of moobs!

Transformation is taking place, watch this space! 4 and half weeks till my 8 weeks is up but i think im guna have to stretch this transformation out a lil bit longer to 12 weeks!


Back and triceps today.

All weight ramped

Pull ups BW - 5,5,3
Bent over row - 8,8,5,5,3
Seated close grip row - 8,8,8,5,5,3,8
Seated supinated grip row - 8,8,5,5,5
Dumbelll Row - 8,8,8,5,5
Standing pull overs - 8,8,8,5,5,5
Shrugs - 8,8,8,5,5

Same sets/reps as above.

French press
Overhead dumbell extension
Pushdwon v bar and straight bar
Over head cable extension

Felt good overall, as i said im on a cut so i don't expect to gain much muscle.

Just basically going for calorie destruction!!!


So the plan is still running. I'm still sittin around 225 at the moment but my clothes seem to be getting looser while the scale weight stays the same.

Scale weight hasn't changed for around 2 weeks now which is a little disheartening but like i said i feel differant in myself. Maybe i'm losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time, i won't claim i am because i know how rare it is, but something is happening... and i like it!

I'm guna try and shake my diet up a lil bit and see if anything changes.

ideal i wana weigh around 200 but tbh i don't really care what i weigh as long as i lose these love handles and belly fat.


Why wouldn't you post a current pic? or pic of when you started this new plan?