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The Martial Arts Pictures Thread

Let’s see, so we have finally a sub-forum, with a gif thread, a place to bitch about books and a discussion on how contrast showers work.

But somehow the big picture is missing- literally!

So let’s post them KO pics, warrior photos and fighing chica jpgs, shall we??

I’ll start with some classical ones.
Behold the oldest depiction of martial arts I could dig up;
Ancient wrestling pictures about 5000 years old, found in the region of today’s Iraq.

1628 BC
MMA in ancient Greece (although not even really greek at that point)

flash forward 2000 years

1886 AD, Sam Langford
5’7", 135 lbs

mas oyama

cassius clay

some more recent ones


I really like this guy.
Who thought it possible to see spinning jump kicks one after another in the MMA sport?

a thread without this russian pre-Fedor cyborg seems useless

encore une fois

last one for today,
the boxing caveman they unfreezed

…and in action




personal fave.