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The Manliest Names


Awesome stuff!

I would like to add Reginald Bonesteel from the novel "The Justice Riders," by Chuck Norris.


only real people though!

I love cracked magazine


LMFAO@the last one. I cant beilvive thats an actual name.


I was hoping to see Rip Torn on there, but the last one had me laughing pretty hard.


I've always thought Stirling Mortlock was a cool name.

On Lance Armstrong, I couldn't help but laugh remembering Homer Simpson's quote in the episode when he was worried about Bart turning gay...

"They ruined all our best names like Bruce and Lance and Julian. Those were the toughest names we had!" Homer Simpson.


I always thought Stone Phillips was a pretty badass name.


Fred Savage is pretty cool name but it doesn't fit the actual person when you look at him.


Michael Savage is a good one, especially when he has his own radio show called The Savage Nation.



Rock Cartwright of the Redskins


I'm naming my son Nathan Dienekes (Nathan Hale from the revolution and Dienekes from Thermapolyae). I figure I'll call him by his initials, Indy.



Wolf Blitzer!

(even though I don't believe that's his real name for a second)

How about Abbath Doom Occulta? (reference to my Black Metal thread XD )


I've always liked the name "Weather'by Dot Com Chanel Fourcast Sheppard"


The Court: I simply do not understand why you named this child - - his legal name is Weather'by Dot Com Chanel Fourcast Sheppard. Now, before you answer that, Mr. - - the plaintiff in this action is a weatherman for a local television station.

Sheppard: Yes.

The Court: Okay. Is that why you named this child the name that you gave the child?

Sheppard: It - - it stems from a lot of things.

The Court: Okay. Tell me what they are.

Sheppard: Weather'by - - I've always heard of Weatherby as a last name and never a first name, so I thought Weatherby would be - - and I'm sure you could spell it b-e-e or b-e-a or b-y. Anyway, Weatherby.

The Court: Where did you get the "Dot Com"?

Sheppard: Well, when I worked at NBC, I worked on a Teleprompter computer.

The Court: All right.

Sheppard: All right, and so that's where the Dot Com [came from]. I just thought it was kind of cute, Dot Com, and then instead of - - I really didn't have a whole lot of names because I had nothing to work with. I don't know family names. I don't know any names of the Speir family, and I really had nothing to work with, and I thought "Chanel"? No, that's stupid, and I thought "Shanel," I've heard of a black little girl named Shanel.

The Court: Well, where did you get "Fourcast"?

Sheppard: Fourcast? Instead of F-o-r-e, like your future forecast or your weather forecast, F-o-u, as in my fourth son, my fourth child, Fourcast. It was - -

The Court: So his name is Fourcast, F-o-u-r-c-a-s-t?

Sheppard: Yes. . . .

The Court: All right. Now, do you have some objection to him being renamed Samuel Charles?

Sheppard: Yes.

The Court: Why? You think it's better for his name to be Weather'by Dot Com Chanel

  • -

Sheppard: Well, the - -

The Court: Just a minute for the record.

Sheppard: Sorry.

The Court: Chanel Fourcast, spelled F-o-u-r-c-a-s-t? And in response to that question, I want you to think about what he's going to be - - what his life is going to be like when he enters the first grade and has to fill out all [the] paperwork where you fill out - - this little kid fills out his last name and his first name and his middle name, okay? So I just want - - if your answer to that is yes, you think his nameis better today than it would be with Samuel Charles, as his father would like to name him and why. Go ahead.

Sheppard: Yes, I think it's better this way.

The Court: The way he is now?

Sheppard: Yes. He doesn't have to use "Dot Com." I mean, as a grown man, he can use whatever he wants.

The Court: As a grown man, what is his middle name? Dot Com Chanel Fourcast?

Sheppard: He can use Chanel, he can use the letter "C."

The Court: And when he gives his Birth Certificate - - is it on his birth Certificate as you've stated to the Court? Does his Birth - - does this child's Birth Certificate read "Weather'by Dot com" - -

Sheppard: That's how I filled out the paperwork for his - -

The Court: - - Chanel Fourcast?

Sheppard: Yes, and for his Social Security card, I filled it out as Weather'by F. Sheppard.

The Court: All right.


Flex Plexico could've been Flex Wheeler.


What do you guys think of "Storm Williams"? That's my son.

I still remember when I called my mom after he was born 19 years ago, and she said to me, "Are you really going to give the poor kid that name?"


The dog's name is Indy.


Tiger Williams, a son of one of my old h/s football coaches. Tiger...badass.


Haiden is a pretty tough first name, what do you guys think


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Yaa! Savage!

And the Macho Man, Randy Savage.


Molsen Strongfang Tectonicplateshaker.

With a name like that a kid could change the world.