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The Manifesto of a York Man

I have been out of Action for a while due to complications from double pneumonia…thankfully I have fully recovered and despite being weak as new born kittens I am back in training and an using the old York courses of Bob Hoffman to rebuild myself.

I am using the every other day training principle for the first month then I am switching to three days a week ,meaning one week I train every Monday,wednesday and Friday and the next week every sunday,tuesday,thursday and Saturday.

I am currently using York Course number 1


Flip snatch(warm up) 1x6-12 30

barbell curl 1x 6-12 30

military press 1x6-12 40

squats on toes 1x8-12 50

pullovers 1x 15 20

stiff legged deadlifts 1x 8-12 50

floorpress 1x 6-12 50

side bends 1x 20 50

Jefferson lift 1x 8-12 50

calf raises 3x 10 50

straddle hops 1x8-12 30

shrugs 1x15-20 50

each workout I go up one rep until I reach the max reps,then I drop the reps back to the lowest and add 5 pounds for the upper body and 10 for the lower body