The Man with Exploding Arms

Just watched this really bad special on TLC about steroid abuse. And who did they use as their poster child? None but Greg Valentino. Throughout the entire show they continue to claim that his arm delevopement was due to steroid abuse. At no time was Synthol mentioned or the fact that he basically pumped his arms full of oil.

All in all, it was pretty lopsided and full of holes. I told my husband he probably had to do it as a condition of his parole (community service).

They did, however, make a few points here and there, but once again, in classic TLC fashion, it was another sensational special with an obvious bias and little real research.

Do you know the name of the program or when it might air again?

The title of the special is the title of this thread. I was wandering when this was going to be discussed.

I watched it and it was a mess the program succeeded in giving the uneducated public an extremely distorted view of Bodybuilding as a whole.

Hopefuly this special will fade in to obscurity with minimal damage done but any damage done to strength sports is bad.

I would expand on Valentino a bit but it would at this point come across as a personal attack and I feel he has done so much damage to himself that his actions speak louder and stronger than I ever could. All I can say is I agree he was probably forced to do this and what he said and displayed did nothing but discrace Bodybuilding.

Nothing good will come of this it was a very lopsided anti steroid campaign, with Valentino as the Poster Boy for all things bad.

Between that retard Valentino (who must be suffering from deep, deeeeeeeep psychosis if he actually thought/thinks his arms look good), and that stringbean jag-off talking about “bigarexia”, it just couldn’t have sucked more.

Except, of course, if they had trotted out some 50-year-old workaholic fat fuck and blamed his heart attack on steroids.

Wait, they did that.

(BTW, did anyone else notice that Valentino has two different color eyes?)

In that program it was hard to even tell what kind of muscle development this guy really had. His arms just looked like crap. They should have titled the show “The Man Without a Brain.”

For those new to the site, T-Nation interviewed this guy a few years ago:

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

For those new to the site, T-Nation interviewed this guy a few years ago:


Thanks, Chris. I was just wondering about that interview. Astonishing to think he claims not to have used Synthol to get those results…

STiff competition for one of the shittiest current AAS “educational” programs I’ve seen, althought the MTV one was bad.

BTW, was the author of the Adonis COmplex a Dr.? Furthemore, I found it commical that Valentino was not mentioned as his usual title “The Most Hated Man In Bodybuilding”, would have been a better name for the program.