The Man Above Thread

^ stares at it for hours

^ was too stupid to notice the giant cock in Rhino’s avatar

^ finally noticed Rhino’s giant cock.

^ Likes to measure men with his measuring tape

^ Is definitely not the one being pointed at.

^ He knows from experience

^is jealous for not experiencing it

^enjoys going down on 500lb women, for the smell of it

^ used to be a 500 lb woman
with a lovley smell

^is still a 500 lb women.

^ has an awkward “look at me i think and take self pictures of myself on my mac in my college dorm between classes” aviator

^forgot the lovley smell was his favorite

^^ meant to post that to the person 2 above and now looks S…L…O…W…

^has the same stupid name twice

^has never touched boobs in real life

^had only touched his own balls

^ had only touched waldos balls

^ had his balls taken by PMPM

^ thinks ^^ doesn’t even know who PMPM is

^wants to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club