The Man Above Thread

^was subsequently raped in the van while chasing free candy

^lives alone (look at the amount of mold in his shower … no way a woman would wash in that shit)

^didnt even want the candy but knew what he was getting into/onto

^he is one who raped him

^used to have jheri curls. nuff said

^ the cat is really his girlfriend, the girl is really his sister.

^is overly dedicated to keeping this thread alive.

^ is really this guy

^put his orgasm face as his avatar

^has never actually given a girl an orgasm

^ videotapes himself masturbating in the shower.

^ knows that 'cause he’s seen the video.

^ is the one selling the dvds at 19.99

^Bought one and jerked off to it.


^while sitting alone crying and eating comfort food

^and thinking of your finger in his ass hole.

^ his username is actually a reference to his scrotum.

^Don’t have a scrotum

^ Knows this because he was the one to pull off the duct tape.

^ has an avatar of two guys caressing each other…