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The Man Above Thread


Did a quick search and didn't see it anywhere.

Welcome everyone to the Man Above Thread. Its a game (that never ends) where you comment/ridicule/insult/laugh at, whatever/ the (wo)man that posted above you. I start it off.


^ thinks he just started a clever game that everyone will enjoy, but in reality just created a waste of forum space.


This game seems a lot like life


^ can’t follow the only rule of the fucking thread.


^ sucks dick at forum topics and games :slight_smile:


^ obviously a seasoned vet. at this game.


^ Likes to dress up as Dick Cheney and have his wife dress up as George Bush with a strap on, then they run around covered in Molasses, then he’ll " accidentally" trip leaving his wife to do only one thing which is fall on top of him. Then they wrestle.


^ knows way too much about me.


^ reads self entitled poetry to his brother in hopes that one day he’ll accidentally walk in on him in the shower.


^ Can’t properly operate a fucking camera… OR perhaps he’s so good as to capture his own head exploding


^ touche


^Uses gay french terms to make people think that he’s intelligent.


^ isn’t cool enough to see his own avatar


^Isn’t cool enough to have an avatar that’s big enough to see


^neither are you. But I can see it. And I’m not telling you what it is.


^not quick enough on the trigger … or so his girlfriend told me


^001 = his sperm count.


^ draws muscular caricatures to make up for his lack of muscle despite his vain attempts


^likes to lure little boys into his van w/ promises of free candy


^was lured into his van by promises of free candy