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The Man Above Thread 2.0

^ remembers the day he figured out he liked penis over vagina.

^ can’t remember the day his parents loved him.

^ is who James T. Kirk is reffering to.

^is captain kirk and will do it again as long as ^^ keeps screaming captain till hes finished

^ plays Nintendo Wii.

^Flys to the Jersey Shore every weekend to dress up as a chick sell himself to guido’s

[quote]Brother Chris wrote:
^Tries to copy a infamous person named print, but sucks balls at it.[/quote]

Man are those your teeth or some over sized choppers you put in to look funny with dark glasses ??

^Thinks of beating off when seeing Markus Ruhl.

^ is jealous because the ape in his avatar gets more ass than ^ does, because ^ is ugly as a bag of smashed assholes

^Collects assholes in bags and hits them to punish the men he’s buttraped.

^Jerks it to his avatar

^ not even close to as funny as ^^ that ugly prick made me lulz but damn he stinks

^ is ugly because his parents are ugly. Simple science.

^ knows this because he once took ^^'s mother to a white snake concert and banged her in the bathroom, thus conceiving^^.

^ Not actually a champ, but a fucking loser.

^ has wet dreams of me letting him play with my ‘tree’

^ lets me play with his tree, sick fuck.

^ enjoyed it, complained a little, but once he swung from the branch he was really happy. He played for ages and wouldn’t get off.

got off to soon^

^ ate it