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The Man Above Thread 2.0

^is a woman and is jealous

^ Wishes he were a woman.

^So he could give ^^ a mustache ride.

^ Won best gay anal scene at the AVN awards.

^came in second

^ would have tried to compete for the award, but his niche is fat grannies wearing furry costumes.

^ Has “watched” every one of ^^ his films.

^ Watched me watch those films. Sick bastard.

^ favorite ice cream flavor is BALLS.

^likes his coffee the way he likes his columbians, boiled. RACIST FUCK!

^ fell for the old, “peanut butter on his owners balls” trick again.

^invented said trick, with honey columbians.

^was the owner, i feel bad for myself, yet i know it’ll happen again

^is admitting he wants to lick < nuts. It’s not ghey if you beat him up after right? Either way, dude you just said YOU HAVE AND WILL AGAIN, LICK A DUDES NUTS.

/\ Knows partner is gay cause he got a reach around.

^ uses the super /\ to over compensate for his tiny penis

^ wishes he could use a super /\ because he has no penis.

^ born in 1992 or is 92 years old.

  • On a side note, I made the second post on the top of this page about the favorite ice cream flavor, but it showed up as someone elses post. Freaky thing is, my first name is James.

^ Is stuck somewhere in the middle and is mad at life.

^^ Does not know about his split personality.