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The Man Above Thread 2.0

^^get back down your spartan cliff and die

^ once masturbated to gospel music.

^Can’t masturbate without gospel music

^ makes gospel music while masturbating

^ can’t masturbate since he has no penis. At least I can despite having a penis surgically attached to my face.

^listens to emo music while using his own tears as lubrication to masturbate

^uses his black lab’s saliva to masturbate. It just lubes so gooood.

^Tries to copy a infamous person named print, but sucks balls at it.

^ meant to post that remark to bradden, but couldn’t see because of his sunglasses.

^ is angry because he can’t see beyond the scrotum on his eyes.

^Has white trash embedded in his DNA. Once mistaken for Joe Dirt while at the Zoo

^ doesn’t have DNA because he is a T-860, built by Skynet. The T stands for transexual.

^is obviously preparing to tie up a tranny and perform gay sex acts.

^is the tranny hoping to be tied up

^ Probably is very nice, and doesn’t do much to offend anyone.

^poor judge of character

^Gives men mustache rides.

^ Just got a mustache ride from him.

^is insanely jealous about that

^Wishes women would be jealous of ^^^