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The Man Above Thread 2.0

The Man Above Thread has reached the maximum amount of posts in record time. You guys know the rules, bitches.

^ created a stupid addictive game, cut my fucking face off and replaced it with someone elses little penis, has a competitor game that he can’t kill off yet, has done something that seems to attract stupid Aussies who ride Unicycles, is trying to suck himself off cause the last thread reached max, and is generally just a fucking loser!!!

^ clearly only read the cliff notes version of the last thread because he is a fucking loser.

^ so unoriginal he has to copy earlier insult to use for his own. That’s ok…I understand…you’re ok just being you…

^ location is not stated because he is constantly on the move to avoid being arrested for his sex crime warrants.

^ drives to Mexico daily to show off his worm.

^ wishes his was big enough to be concidered a worm. Wishes chicks really liked smart dudes like in the movies, because in real life they are all size queens, and he has no size…

^ Wishes they would make a sequel to The Italian Job, because Mark Whalberg is so hawt.

^Thinks Mark Wahlberg is hot.

^ confesses everything because hes a snitch.

^ grandmother slapped his face for being the ugliest sin she has ever seen. Had this been Sparta, off the cliff he would have gone…

^ would have been waiting at the bottom of the cliff, no room for 6 fingered freaks in Sparta…

^ FUCK. the man with no face and tiny penis has a point. ^ talks funny, because he’s from down under, fat chicks rolls

^ says I dont have a clue. I dont care

doesnt have a clue and doesnt care^

^I got nuttin

*gots nuttin, but boobs, oh those boobs…


^say it with me now… Still hasn’t touched boobs…