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The Making of Pumping Iron


I had the VHS version for years and only recently got myself a copy of the DVD. I really enjoyed the extra material that came along with it; notably the making of Pumping Iron. Some great never before seen footage. It was also great to see all the guys together again 25 years later joking and quoting lines from the movie except it was sad to see Ed Corney confined to a wheelchair. For those who are also in the dark ages still clinging to their VHS copy..lol..here's a link of it on youtube.

Note Arnold at around 2:30. He looks great! He's a bit smooth but looks big and thick. He's still my favorite of all time.


According to Wikipedia, Corney is now out of the wheelchair and working out again. Tough dude!


I just picked up the DVD, too, and was impressed by the extra content. It’s pretty amazing how good Arnold looked compared to his peers at the reunion. The story about the fundraiser/art exhibit was damn cool, too - that should have made it on to the final cut, in my opinion.