The Maine Event T-Fest

Patricia drinks beer.

Ko also likes to drink beer.

They drink lots of beer.

It is important to note–ESPECIALLY if you are Sully’s girlfriend–that there were NO women there at ALL this weekend.

That is correct. There were no strippers, nor were there hookers, nor were there any girls whatsoever at Erics house on Saturday night to watch the fight. Not even one. And certainly no litte blonde chicks with cute accents.


Not a one.

Again, this is especially important to realize if you are Sully’s girl.

That is all.

That pic of Roman’s good morning is making me uncomfortable.

Someone needs an omelette lesson.

We may have to consider this. Never been to Maine before. I see a breakfast of lobster benedicts. Hope everyone is bulking at the time.

And yes, beer is good.

Looks like a great time with plenty of laughs.

Merrow knows haiku.

Merrow is an enigma.

Take that, Patricia.

Golden nectar
Liquid calories in a pint
Beertender, bring more!

Merrow impressive

With his haiku cleverness

Still, he needs more beer

Patricia and Chris
Thread hijacking to extremes
Stop and go drink beer

Guiness in the fridge

Heifeweisen in my mug

How can I complain?

Unlike Chris Merrow

Ko is so mellow

Except Ko kicks ass

Dammit, I screwed up that last haiku. It should’ve been as follows:

Unlike Chris Merrow

Ko is totally mellow

Except Ko kicks ass

There! I fixed it. Done and done.

When I first read it, I thought it said Ko “licks” ass. I started laughing, then I saw the redo. Sorry Ko.

Kick… lick… stick… what’s the diff?

Shut the

Fuck up

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Roman showing his agility.

How was he jumping rope? Last time he told me, his record was 6 in-a-row. What a fat fuck.

Joel in action.

And John once again shows why he is the absolute mizan.

I am sex.