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The Magical Fruit


I copied this recipe from Chipotle and changed some things up. I was hoping some of you would tell me if this would be a part of a clean diet.

1 can of pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 can of tomatos
1 lb of lean ground turkey
1 cup medium Pace Picante sauce
and various spices

What do you guys think?


Yup looks like real food



Beans are high in carbs so wouldn't be great for a cutting diet. You could add some veg. Celery, onion, garlic, peppers are all good.


Beans have a very low insulin impact, and are very high in fiber, so they will be filling for the calories. Since you need some carbs even on a cutting diet, beans are a good candidate. Besides, I've heard their musical too ; )


Holy shit!. I seriously had no idea that beans had a lot of carbs in them. This explains a lot. I know its simple as turning the can and reading a label but it just never occurred to me. I feel ashamed :frowning:


Sounds tasty to me


This is true, but beans also have some of the highest quality carbs around. Slow digesting and plenty of fiber not to mention a sizable portion of incomplete protein. The problem is CANNED beans sometimes have added sugar or even high fructose corn syrup. Preservatives too.

If the canned beans don't have added sugar or HFCS then this looks like a good recipe if used wisely. You could also soak and cook your own beans.


I just want to add that most of the carbs in beans are from fiber. It's not sugar. They are good and good for you in many ways. It's ok to eat them. And yes, if your making this like a chili, it's fine. There is no shame in this recipe.


Wrong. Beans are fine while cutting....unless you're eating 2-3 lbs a day.