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The Magic of Mushrooms


I went on missions of LOL.

Visuals were cool...but the LOLZ was the best part.


I agree, the LOLZ were the best and seemed to go on for hours (I lost track of time while under the influence).


I watched Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius one night high on the zooms. I WAS Jimmy Neutron. It was great.

You guys are making me want to find some mushrooms. It's been a long time.


I'm pretty sure skysyzksnsksysnks or whatever his name is still experiments with psychedelics, and he's like... 100.


Thanks man


I am interested in expiramenting with some MGS. Based upon a little research I have done over the past 12 hours. It looks like there are a select few strains which have the desired effect. They are easily found online. Also, it looks like your run of the mill commercial seed places where you would likley pick these up say at a garden store, will have fungicides and pesticides and even mercury on the seeds.

Looks like the best way to do this is to either buy seeds, plant them and harvest your own. OR buy from an online source that sells untreated seeds. I found a bunch in just a few minutes. I personally like growing stuff, so I may buy a few seed packs and plant them in the spring. Then just keep a handfull of seeds or whatever each year and re-plant them. Of course I'm in NY so I don't think the varieties with the effect are perrenial here. If your down south farther, below the frost belt, I think they grow year round.

Mushrooms are my Fav for spiritual experiences, I'm hoping these are similar.



Nah, aside from a bit of trans-dermal absorption last year, I haven't tripped in ages. Odd thing though. When we did it as younguns, it was just about getting as high as possible. Now you have all of these whippersnappers looking for a spiritual or mystical experience of some sort. (I personally think that they just want to get all fucked up, and this whole "seeker" thing is just some fancy modern rationalization, but thats just me being a cynical old fart.)

I don't know if an accurate analogy or comparison can be made of shrooms to LSD though. It is true that they are both hallucinogenic, but the intensity, duration, and product (hallucinations) of their effects are different enough to notice. Without doing a comparative analysis of how they effect the brain and exactly what parts, I'd say that they
just "feel" different.

Given that they so strongly effect perception, "feeling different" can vary widely from person to person and experience to experience for each person.


I've done a ton of shrooms and a ton of acid. And you know what? They're the same fucking drug! Sure, the high is a little different, but the bottom line is that you'll be having visual and auditory hallucinations and you'll get all analytical about shit. Sometimes, its the shrooms that are really potent and the acid is weak, or the other way around.

I've never had anything close to a bad trip, and I've never seen anyone have one either, so I can't say which one is "safer" than the next. But no drug is "safe" and when all is said and done, you can't go wrong with either one if your goal is to become completely incapacitated for eight hours.

Oh yeah, and unless it's really good acid and really bad shrooms, an 1/8 does not equal one tab, especially if you eat the whole 1/8 in one handful with a slice of pizza. I'd say two tabs of some average acid is comparable to an 1/8 of shrooms. The advantage to acid is that it doesn't fuck with your stomach the way shrooms can. I've puked a couple times after eating shrooms but both times I ate almost a 1/4 on an empty stomach. Usually they just give me gas after a few hours.

If you know of some dirty hippies in your town, I'd go to them for your psychedelics and get acid from them. Hippies seem to have this thing for "clean" drugs, of which acid and shrooms both are. But acid can get diluted with a lot of speed and even some X. This is not "clean". Hippies fucking horde "clean" acid when they get their grubby paws on some pure shit.

So if you want pure shit, go to the hippies. I think people's bad trips on acid are from one of two things: either "dirty" acid given to people who have little to no experience with drugs beyond smoking weed, or the person tripping out is just wound too tight for hard, mind-altering drugs to begin with.


I don't understand the whole "dirty" acid thing. We're talking a couple hundred micro grams soaked into a piece of paper, for the most part. How can this be cut with anything. Other drugs are hardly active on this scale. I'm no chemist, but to cut lsd with speed or x just seems like too much of a pain in the ass to be worth it.


I've thought the same thing.

I'm not calling bullshit, but I'm generally curious. I've known many drug users and very few of them have ever stumbled into this "dirty acid."


Oh, dirty acid is real. It depends on the production method and strychnine can be added in very small quantities as a stimulant.

I've gotten hits so soaked with it that you curl up into a ball for 2 days and feel like your joints have been hit with a golf club.

Probably why it isn't very popular anymore. The old rule of thumb was that the more bitter it was, the dirtier, but by then it is too late, as it is already on your tongue.


I'll just add the only bad trip I have ever had was on acid, so I think it definately could have been dirty. There is no reason for me to have 20 or 30 awesome trips where I am in full control and loving every minute and then one time I flip wig and curl into a ball and literally try to hide from the trip. Also why I like the naturalness of the shroomies better.



Yeah strychnine fucks you up. You can tell when you get bad acid because you get really amped up and "speedy" (for those who have dabbled in crystal meth, you know what I mean) and less analytical about shit. It definitely wasn't a bad trip for me, but the high was much more narco-like than clean acid is. And I didn't sleep that whole night.


DB, funny that you mention it, but the only bad trip I have ever witnessed was from shrooms. The dude ate about the same amount and got nauseous after maybe a half hour. He ended up puking and getting really bummed out, then spiraled down into who knows what kind of hell. He walked up to a cop outside of the concert we were at and asked to be taken to a hospital, then was treated as an od for hallucinogens.

Everyone else did fine though.


Even as a 140 lb. kid, I would down a whole case of beer and burn through weed by the ounce to ease up the speedyness, to no avail. I've always been an off the charts responder to stimulants.
That always screwed with my trip.

I hated that dirty shit.


Haha, I'm sorry but the whole strychnine is bullshit. Do your research and you will understand that was a myth developed in the early 60's along with chromosome damage, etc. Also, no such thing as dirty acid. The way in which LSD is synthesized, leaves no room for "dirty" chemicals. Its either LSD or its not.

Unless ofcourse you buy LSD diluted in a vial from someone on the street and they take some out and dilute it more with water. People who use drugs wouldn't put more of there own drugs in it, like MDMA and Speed. That's just a waste of money.

Most people will not be getting LSD in a vial. They will buy a few blotters. Nothing else can fit on a real sized blotter hit other than LSD. If the blotter is much larger than normal then you could potentially have a different research chemical. Such as 5meo-amt, DOB "Bromo-dragonfly", or other obscure RC's.

I have experience with tons trips on Mushrooms, LSD, smoked DMT, Ayahuasca, and Mescaline. I have to agree with some of the others. Mushrooms have a more serious undertone to them than LSD for me personally. They are also much more of an immersive experience.

The person asking about Morning Glory seeds. I wouldn't do them as your first psychedelic experience. They are not usually very pleasant. I've done them quite a few times and I had one very good experience. But most of the time it is hit or miss. Meaning you will either have a great time, or puke your guts out, or be in agony the whole time. They cause major vasoconstriction. They will mess with your stomach more than mushrooms ever wood. In order to produce enough visuals, you have to eat a ton.


Hmm? Maybe, maybe not.

Out of the billions of doses that have been produced by god knows what kind of Charles Manson motherfucker and the couple that have been analysed, you might be right.

One thing that is certain though is that there is a very noticeable speed effect along with painful joint and muscle contractions associated with some doses, usually paper, compared to the liquids, gels, and other various fungi that I and others have used.

What do you make of that?


PINK FLOYD, probably one of the greatest bands to listen to if you're going take a trip. I'd start with Dark Side of the Moon, but The Wall is just as good. Actually if you want to trip and watch shit and listen to music...than syncronize dark side with the wizard of oz....or just watch The Wall.


Well, LSD is a mild stimulant. It is natural for you to get a speedy feeling. It will increase thoughts, and cause muscle cramps due to vasoconstriction. Ofcourse, you could also be getting a different research chemical altogether.


My first time on Shrooms was messed up lol! Me and a friend split an eighth and drive out to a bush party. I drink a beer maybe two. Then me and my friend and three other friends get in my car and smoke some nice herb. About 10 minutes after smoking, we're all chilling in my car listening to music and i look up at my windshield and i see like a huge colorful pyramid, parts of it are coming out at me(like that thing you look at at the eye doctor's). We decide to take off a bit later and one of my friend's thats not on shrooms drives.

After a while of driving he decides he wants to go home. Then my other friend who is 16 but doesn't have his driver's license gets behind the wheel since he's the only one of us left not on shrooms. We drive around a bit more, I'm laying in the back feeling amazing. Then all of a sudden my friend cuts into a parking lot. I get up and look out the back of my car and see cop lights! I'm like WTF, the two guys I'm with are kind of sketchy so I'm thinking they just broke into someone's house or something and I'm fucked.

Well dude driving my car decides to jump in the backseat and starts telling me to jump in the driver's seat. I'm like fuck that! So the cop comes up to the driver's side window and no one is behind the wheel lol. He's like who's been driving? No one says anything so he takes my friend that was driving and questions him in his squad car first. Like 10 minutes later my friend comes back and he tells me to come with him to his squad car. I'm still tripping balls at this point. I'm thinking in my head, "am i hallucinating right now?".

He keeps asking me who was driving, and I answer I don't know, then he says don't give me that shit. I swear it seemed like this went on for like 20 minutes. Finally he asks me if I'm drunk? I say no. He gives me a breathalyzer, I blow zeros. Then he tells me to drive my two friends home and to go home immediatley. So I take off drop my two friends off. Then, I'm like shit it's 3 in the morning. I'm gonna be fucked if i go home and wake my dad up. So I decide to drive to one of my friend's houses to crash there. As I'm heading to his house, I drive by none other then the cop that just pulled us over like 20 minutes ago. He immediatley pulls a U-turn and pulls me over. He's like "I thought I told you to go home".

I respond, "I was gonna crash at my friends house instead". Then he says that he just talked to my friend's dad and he told us to leave there like an hour ago. So he's like " alright I want you to call your dad right now". So me being the witty guy I am think "I'll call my dad's office, this dumb pig won't catch on". So I call my dad's office let it ring like 3 times, and go "Hey dad, it's john I got into a little bit of trouble and I have to come home now, ok?". Then the cop rips the phone out of my hand and is like "don't try that bullshit". Call him for real right now. So he talks to him then follows my home. My dad bitches me out and I didn't fall asleep for like another 3 hours lol. Great first time on shrooms!