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The Magic of Mushrooms


There was recently a thread on LSD, thought I would start one on mushrooms? For those that have tried them what are yorr opinions, Any good? How do they compare to LSD? Any preference? I recently had the chance do do mushrooms but, thought I would hold off until I do a bit of research on them. It is though the only drug I have wanted to try.

Also do you take price into account when choosing? 1/8 mushrooms around $30, I was offered LSD for $8 a "hit" not sure how much that is.


I think one hit is about equivalent to an 1/8th of shrooms. So your a danged fool for preferring shrooms.

Go for it though. Its fun. Be in a safe place. I prefer rural. Don't drive. Do drink when you start to come down.

I have nothing to add that I didn't put in LSD thread. Very similar.


Mushrooms are my favourite "drug", and really the only thing I still dabble in occasionally


For those that have done them what are your thoughts onb music? I have tripped only tripped twice with no music but, have been told that music is a must. Any suggestions? I think I would prefer music with little to no lyrics.


Listen to this... all. Seriously. First time I ever tripped it was to this CD and Final Fantasy Advent Children. Fucking insane. The music started synchronizing itself to the scenes. Seriously one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

But yeah, Shpongle is great. Try out Flying Lotus, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Aphex Twin.

EDIT: BTW, all of these bands have much broader music than the simple clips that I posted. I encourage you to explore them equally.


Pertaining to actual shroom enjoyment, I enjoy them quite a bit, but they trip me out considerably compared to LSD.

I always, and consistently, get stuck in the circular thinking/conversations. I get pretty untrustworthy of things (I refused to watch the NBA game that was on one time because I didn't trust the advertisements on TV, and how we could only see what they wanted us to see.)

One of the most brilliant things we ever came up with on shrooms was one simple line, "Everything is of a transitory nature." We still go back to that and can find many applicable instances and few cases where it turns to be false.

For me... shrooms = philosophical, whimsical, contemplation, yearning for more, organic nature and everything that we know as life.

Acid = Fun, superficial, visual, light, enjoyable, happy-go-lucky.

And niether one is better than the other, but I definitely space shroom trips out much more so than acid.

By the way, acid =/= shrooms, really. Similar, but totally different.


I was just about to recommend Shpongle, though I have not tripped yet I have been looking for music.


if you're anything like me when you're on mushrooms you probably won't stay in one place long enough to listen to music.


Good call on the Shpongle. If you're ever going to use any hallucinogens this band is a must.

This is relevant to the discussion:


I found mushrooms to be a more natural and enjoyable high than LSD. In my experience, which is probably far more limited than other posters here, I'd say they were easily the best drug I've taken. I wouldn't however go as far to assume they'd definitely be a pleasant experience for everybody.


Any of you have any experiences with morning glory seeds? I've heard it's similar to LSD, but to a much lesser degree.


T-Nation's hippie faction resides in this thread.



Says the guy with the longest hair out of all of us... :wink:


I've done them twice and I would have to say it is a mind blowing experience. I would recommend you do it when you can be outdoors. I ate a couple and drove with a couple friends to a state park, we sat by a lake. I actually saw the life in all things, when I was on them. The sky breathed the trees moved with no breeze the water was crystal clear and seemed like a portal to another universe.

I felt and saw all these things yet I had control over all my mental faculties. I could carry on a normal conversation and still see all these wonderful things. I made sure there was a square with us who didn't do them so they could look over us.

My suggestion is wait till you can be out doors to do them. The second time I did them was on a rainy day and I was inside. Still a good experience but I had none of the excellent visuals.


Totally depends on the trip. Sometimes I need a comfortable and safe place.

Other times, we're out wandering around the city for 2 hours in a white-out blizzard, lol. BTW, that was INSANE.


I actually really want to try shrooms! But I'm 30 - isn't that a little old to be experimenting with psychedelics?


I feel the same... at 47.
I did shrooms as a college kid (BEST high I ever had), but now that I'm a dad with a shitload of responsibility, I can't risk being "out of it" for any length of time, just in case that responsibility calls.


This is correct!

I only do them when I'm going fishing and able to be outdoors.

Mushrooms make me laugh for hours and hours. How anyone can talk heavy shit on this when all your doing is busting a gut is beyond me.

I did them for work years ago to test out a new batch...bad idea lol. I had to do eight hours of work in four cause I accomplished nothing for the first half of the shift.


they always made my stomach hurt, anyone else get that?

i did them a few times, dont really care for them. visuals were cool but its not for me.


yea i like mushrooms too, sometimes ill put cheese cubes in the mushroom caps drizzle them with olive oil and black pepper and bake them. Man! its soo good! even the spray easy cheese is good in there too!

see what i did there...


I tired them one time. Crushed them up and soaked them in water for a while. It was supposed to decrease the nausea. It was alright, probably could describe it as low lsd dosage. lsa is the active ingredient. Plus, they can be bought anywhere that sells flower seeds.

I would imagine if you planned it a couple weeks ahead and had enough seeds you could get a pretty high dose batch. Erowid is a good resource.