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The Mage.

Hey brother apparently your cat has the cleanest testicles in the world? I’m guessing you used some of your magi spells to make the cat cleaning spell? Since your the only other magi on the boards I thought we could pool are reasources and create a spell to clean pussy’s of another kind? Let me know. Thanks again. Yours truely nkeago. :wink:

That post was as arcane and bizzarre as both you and Mage!

I have absolutely no control over my cat’s ball licking fetish. At least he is happy. By the way, anybody know any stretches to make one super flexible?

I guess anyone who hadn’t seen The Mage’s tagline must have thought I was on crack. Or maybe Cocaine. :wink:

I changed my tag line just to help make this post confuse everyone more.

Muhahahah! Brilliant strategic move! :slight_smile: