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The Mag 10 Cycle

Hey Guys,

I am just about ready to go into the Mag 10 cycle.  I'll be coming off one week of full rest and I have the supplements and diet ironed out.  My question is this:  I am a Police Officer and I was also getting ready for the SWAT Physical.  It involves 37 pushups/situps, 1-1/2 run (under 12:00 min),six pullups,climbing a 20' rope,carrying a 100# weight up a ladder and back down, and finally a 1/2mile course with various obstacles (different height walls, balance beam, dummy drag, etc.) throughout. I have been practicing (it's pretty easy I know)every other day and using it for my cardio conditoning (minus the obstacle course).  If I keep going through the anabolic phase will it severly impact my gains.  I know that you shouldn't do any cardio during the anabolic phase. This is something I have been training pretty hard for.  Any advice is appreciated.  I am 5-9"/210 with 10% body fat (I kinda look like a running back)and I have been training for 13 years (I'm 32 yoa).  I would back off on the cardio but the test is in a month and a half.  Thanks for the kick-ass magazine and all the straight answers.  

                    Keep Pumpin',
                    Steve O'Keefe 

I would suggest backing off of this training to about 2 times per week. If it is already easy for you, you primarily need to stay psychologically ready for the course. Doing it twice a week will keep you ready both mentally and physically. Also, make sure you eat big. Shoot for 400g P, 500g C, and some good fats. If you eat big and just slightly back off the cardio, you should do fine.