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The Madness Continues...


Fuck...FUUCCCKKKK!!! What's wrong with these people!!!!

Here's an article talking about the rising trend in men - who don't think they look "manly" enough - having hair transplanted TO THEIR CHESTS (for Christ's sake!), having rhinoplasty to make their noses BIGGER (so they don't look like twinky pretty-boys) having surgical alterations of their chins - and on and on. Thousands of dollars per treatment or operation.


All this dangerous surgery - legal and sought out by these insecure slobs. But steroids safely prescribed by a specialist to promote muscle growth, sexual well-being and far more REAL manliness?....ILLEGAL!!!

We are so fucking ass-backwards; soooo fucking ass-backwards!

Will somebody please slap me 'til I bleed? I want to wake up out of this nightmare of inconsistently-reasoned, bullshit health policy.


I got the cure. More Test


Well, the bright side: "manly" is coming back in style.


Exactly what I was thinking. I am glad to see a turn in the trend of the metro style guys.


How did that old saying go?. "The sight of ignorance in action is awesome to behold"?...Of course, if these momos took roids' they'd actually have to hit the weight room and change their diets, surgery avoids all that hard work and dietary "suffering"(lifestyle inconvenience) so dreaded by the normals....


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lol masteron did the same shit to me i love the chest hair but the stomach is a jungle i sometimes need to trim


Fuck, I would be happy if it was only adding to the chest and stomach...


this is MADNESS


lol. the world is a funny place. i couldnt get into the article.

even although the weather is rubbish 8 days a week, Scotland doesnt seem so bad!

whats the deal in america? is it illegal to possess steroids for personal use?


Yeah, it sure is. I'm curious as to how things work in England/Wales/Scotland, where juice seems to be, well, legal.


its not illegal to posess for personal use. there are plenty of sites you can buy gear from on the net. apparently you can buy it and have it delivered with relative ease( i think customs have a sniff at it now and then) as long as you dont have gallons of the stuff.


I actually took it a step further and had a midsagittal crest implant and a thick brow ridge implant to make me look more neanderthalish. Trust me it's going to be all the rage next year.


I could donate enough chest, ab, shouler, arm, leg, back, traps, ass (OK I MAKE A FUCKING RUG LOOK SMOOTH) hair to cover the chests and faces of 10 metrosexuals.... and I'm 18 and have never used steroids :frowning:


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Finally, I can look like a lumberjack year-round again!