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The MacGyver (aka Nards) Thread


Hi friends,

Now that we know that our very own Nards is actually really MacGyver, I have decided to dedicate a thread to him. This is your opportunity to post your own "MacGyver moment". It doesnt have to include explosions and paper clips, but I mean those times you out-smart, out-think and out-play your opposition using your cunning sly T-Nation skills.

Ill start the thread off with my latest MacGyver/Nards moment. Today I had to hand in a log book for a postgrad course I am doing. And ofcourse I had not done the required hours I was meant to sit in and observe with some particular Proffesors.

So what did I do? I got one of the Professors to sign off to the hours that I did do, and then I photocopied his signature, and then cut out a piece of paper with his signature and then glued it to another document that stated I have done all of the hours required for this course, and photocopied it again, and then faxed it to the university. Voila! 15 hours instantly turns into the required 30 hours!

Another great MacGyver moment!



I'm telling on you.


You do realize the the Avatar for Nards is Roddy Piper a wrestler in the 80's who did a movie called They Live.

So what the fuck is the MacGyver connection?


That's what you think. You just got MacGyvered.


Mcgyver His thread:


Rowdy Piper


Your not old enough to remember MacGyver, that shit was the bomb (made out of bird shit and paperclips) and I just wanted some clarification of the Nards connection.


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MacGyver never committed academic fraud! He was a goody 2 shoes who always did the right thing and was always successful. He would have used his ingenuity to discover your malfeasance and then send a message to the authorities using a helium balloon, a slice of lemon, and a book of matches.

You sir are no MacGyver. He fought against everything you stand for and would have beaten your dumb ass with the very paper, glue, and copy machine you used to commit your fraud.


Oh I remember all right. My old man watched that show and sometimes let me stay up.

Plus I used to catch re-runs on "The Cube" out of Baytown.


Its sad now when you go back and watch it, not the same.

I wonder if Netflix has it?


MacGyver, Grandma's 007.


I thought that was Murder She Wrote?


Murder She Wrote, Grandpa's lady GaGa


Nards = MacGyver.



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My little brother used to watch McGyver. I never saw a single episode.

My little brother also watched BJ and the Bear. He loved that show the most.

I was 17 years old back then. One day I was explaining to my middle brother (he was 13) what a blow job was. I told him it's often referred to as a "BJ". Well, my little brother apparently was eavesdropping on the conversation, because later that week he went to my dad:

"Daddy, what time is it?"

"It's almost 8:00", my Dad said.

"Great" my little brother said. "Blowjob and the Bear is almost on!"





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How has TheBird not died of aids yet?