The Lower Body Equivalent of Band Pull Apart?

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I’m looking to find the lower body equivalent of the band pull apart to round out a squat and deadlift cycle. Thanks!

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Well I am not sure perhaps something like having a band around your legs and walking forwards and backwards and to the sides. Warms the hips up. I have been too lazy to do them for a long time though. I have to say when I had hip trouble a while back from improperly kicking something , they really helped out.
I’ll try and find a youtube link. It’s in german but doesn’t take a lot of figuring out…

I agree, something for the glutes or hips or hamstrings. Something that extends the hips and makes you stand up straighter. You may need to try out a couple to find a good one.

Could be band walks, or side laying clams, or even hamstring curls.

Or something more strenuous like 45 Degree back raises, Glute/ham raises, cable pull thrus.

If you want to get brainwashed by Louie, you could try reverse Hypers and sled dragging.

This is kinda cool.

Also, if you always deadlift conventional stance, doing some work in the Sumo or “Squat Stance” can build up your hips/glutes in a hurry.

I know this might sound like heresy, but when it comes to hip health and even knee health to some degree I like the good/bad girl machine.

I do both the adduction and abduction supersetted together.

Keep the reps very slow and controlled.
Squeeze and hold at the contraction.
Get a good stretch where appropriate.
Maintain a hollow core.

It’s worthless for me if I don’t use the above tips.

I have some SI dysfunction and if it ever gets real bad, I start doing these a lot. Frequently, my sacrum will pop back into place if it’s out after doing a set or two of these.

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Light kettlebell swings.


I’d say just sitting in the hole of a squat for a bit then hanging for a bit.


I don’t really get the question. Looking at the band pull-apart as a way to maintain shoulder/upper back health that you can do a bunch of without increasing training stress, the lower body equivalent would be dropping into a third world squat.

To “round out a squat/deadlift cycle”, it would depend on what weakness you need to address. Single-leg work is generally under-appreciated, so some kind of lunge or single-leg RDL might be a good choice.


First part was exactly my train of thought: low impact for health of joint. While I definetly see the value if the third world squat, and practice it frequently, I was looking for a more dynamic exercise to use as a filler between by squat and deadlift sets. Just as I will be using the pull aparts for my bench and ohp days. Thanks for the feedback!

This article has some more ideas depending on what you specifically need to address.