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The Lotto Girl is Hot


I went to the grocery store with a friend who brought me a lotto ticket for driving him home from work. We walked up to the customer service desk and there I spotted the most beautiful lotto saleswoman Ive ever seen. “Oh damn, I gotta ask this girl out.” I said to my friend. Unfortunately there was a long line of people behind us and I didn’t want to put her on the spot during rush hour. So now I need an idea. My original plan was to win a few billion and ask her out upon retrieving my earnings, but since that fell through I am at a loss for action :frowning:


So you made your purchase in haste instead of a deliberate slow pace which would not only have had members of the queue looking down in knowing submission, but would have also secured your alpha status and impending nights of hot sex with this chick. :frowning:

Well, I guess plan B would be to buy a rolex.


Well I couldn’t go slow as I had to conjugate with my lion friends. They were waiting in the car.


Ah that brings us to plan C.


For coming up with that, you get a free t-shirt courtesy of Chris Colucci!


Didn’t you have another thread a while back about how you didn’t ask a girl out?

Dude, he who dares. He who dares…


No wonder I hardly post here anymore.


are you trying to say that “I saw a hot girl and didn’t ask her out” isn’t a good enough anecdote to make a worthwhile thread?

Jeez, tough crowd


It is a slow day at work.


Has the format of this site changed or is my browser just being glitchy?


i thought you were reporting that one of the lotto winners was hot. Kinda disappointed. Btw, forget the chick because you will probably never see her again.


No, the format is exactly the same as it’s always been.


TNation hasn’t been playing nicely with some browsers. Have you tried uninstalling, then reinstalling your browser? A clean install of your OS might help too.


Just get her number and send her a picture of your D at 3AM works every time…


Where do I click to “like” OE’s post?


You buy your lottery ticket, say 5 games (I don’t know how this shit works, so however many games is sensible).

Then say: Actually, I’ll have one more game… I think girls with (insert her eye colour here) and nice smiles are good luck. Can you give me some numbers you think are lucky?

Follow it up with a cheeky “Thanks for those numbers, now can I have your number?”

That shit can’t get unrewarded. Women know this.