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The Lost (Yeah You, Gaby)


Hey, I know that some people have a harder time than others at weight lifting. It seems that lately, knowing how to work hard is such a foreign concept to most people that when they get in the gym, they either proceed to go through the motions or need some strict number sequence to follow because they can't tell how to work hard enough to produce any muscle gains.

I am alien to this nonsense. I had to wake up on Saturdays and mow the yard. My grandmother would have me cleaning out the gutters on her house before I was ever in high school. My dad was a middle school football coach so I watched people playing and training hard since I was a little kid. The bottom line is, we were accustomed to working...and working pretty damn hard. No one had to tell me how to do the same in the gym.

Is that was is missing lately?

Gaby's posts in my thread leave me in awe at how the human mind works. If this poster is a woman, it would explain more, but since this person has ignored this question many times now, I will simply assume it is not and may be a troll.

First post:

I am putting this here because this poster's posts will be erased in the other thread...basically because the issues he or she has don't seem to be capable of being answered without electro-therapy.


This was my initial response.

If this poster is a woman, then I may be able to understand the aversion to stretch marks and the time it took to reach being able to curl 35lbs. Otherwise, this still stands.

  1. You have been lifting for YEARS and can only curl the 35lbs dumbbells.

  2. You stopped training arms "for strength" when you got some stretch marks.

  3. You are worried about "drop sets" before you can curl heavier than a 35lbs dumbbell.

Dude, I don't think I can help you at all.


i ESPECT an explanation for this bullshit.



His hub lists him at 15 and 95% of 15 year old boys are extremely immature.



But I think this old saying applies: At 18 you think you know everything, but by the time you finish you college you realize you know absolutely nothing.


Please don't extrapolate this idiot for the rest of T Nation. There are the normal idiots but I do think on the whole here most people bust their ass and make progress.

But yes, I feel dumber for having read that


False, most college grads these days think because they did a bunch of fancy book learning they can keep up with those of us that have the same degree, and have been working in the field for half a decade.

Youth is wasted on the young (for the most part.) I can name the names of a couple teenage posters on this site with their shit together light years beyond this guy, myself at that age, or anyone I hung out with.

Blaming youth for his initial question is one thing. Blaming it for his blockheaded refusal to listen to what has been said to him is a personal issue, young or old.

He sure knows all the catch phrases though. Did I see neural adaption in there somewhere? lol

ESPLAIN it damn it!


I have to agree...but it isn't just the kids.

But this case just stands out to me. I mean, some GUY who can't lift but 35lbs after training for YEARS? How the fuck does that happen? If I could only lift that much after training for two years, I would think I was fucking up big time. This guy acts like he knows more than everyone else because of it.

How is that possible?

How the fuck do people like this grow up and actually hold down a job?


Sadly, as a NYC high school teacher, I can say that this particular generation of 'children' (not all, but a good amount) has no idea that you have to work for things, that respect isn't automatically given just for 'being', and that certain actions are expected, and do not warrant praise.



I am not looking forward to that generation suddenly entering the workforce. I don't think we have ever seen anything like this as a society...an entire fucking generation where the parents kept them in the house because they were scared to let them outside

....who also kept them from playing sports because they could get hurt

...who also made their kids wear full protective gear just ti ride down the street on their bike

....where you get gold stars just because you took the test even though you failed

....where a college level football coach can lose his fucking job for basically acting like most coaches did over the last 40 fucking years?

I mean, that shit is fucking scary...and they ALL think they are geniuses who know more than everyone else.

I am being serious...but maybe human kind does need a good plague. It's been, what, a good 500 years or so?


An instant gratification plague would do this world a lot of good


Condemn the Hive by Lamb of God

Soon come a burning,
Soon come a reaving,
Spare the rod, spoil the child,
Resume the righteous beating.

Hubris has been spoon-fed to you,
On a silver platter,
The weak will run weeping,
Delusion shattered.

No one, owes you a god damn thing.

Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
A walking portrayal, your life's fucking done,
Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
Condemn the hive.

The well's run dry,
Narcissist fills it with tears of blood.
Poison Juno's choking lapdog
deepen the cut.

No one, cares what the fuck you think.

Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
A walking portrayal, your life's fucking done,
Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
Condemn the hive.

Say goodbye, worthless beginners,
Severed all reason, in a fractured mirror,
Solid stares, uneven high expectations,
A generations, entitlement, comes undone.

Your life is fucking done.

Your pitiful life,
So feeble inside,

Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
A walking portrayal, your life's fucking done,
Bloated with pride, the privileged ones,
the privileged ones

These lyrics seemed relevant. Every time I think of my generation I just have to shake my head. I started working for my mom's landlording business at age 11-pulling staples from where carpet was removed for $.25 an hour. By 15 I had my own land-mowing business.
I've made it through the first two years of college without loans so far. I know that no one owes me anything and I'll have to earn my way in this world.


I've been a big fan of eugenics for years. Look it up, choose your wives carefully.


I'm sure my parents generation think that my generation (I'm 41)are a bunch of layabouts and their parents thought that they were too, no doubt.

My kids generation have it so much easier than i did and they dont know the meaning of hard work, etc etc etc

older people think younger people are lazy, and they may well be right, but it has always been thus and always will be.

I dont see anything to get worked up about


This isn't about someone talking about general laziness. These kids are literally not being taught to do anything that would even ever resemble hard work. It is translating directly into issues just like what this thread is about.

I don't care how lazy anyone thought kids in the 80's were, they knew how to get in the fucking gym and lift weights until their arms grew and they got stronger. They weren't devoid of the concept of WORK to the degree that they actually needed to be taught what it even feels like to work hard.

Kids in the 80's still played outside. They still did manual labor around the house. The same is NOT the case today as more kids spend 5 hours or more playing video games to match the time many of us spent outside.

No, when has there EVER been a period like that in our history where a generation is flat out taught to be given everything and that they don't need to work for it at all?

They didn't give us happy faces on tests just so no one felt bad about the F they earned.

This isn't a case of someone being disconnected.

If you can';t figure out how to get stronger to the tune of lifting a 35lbs dumbbell by yourself, you are FUCKED in the real world if this translates to larger issues.


gaby must be the dumbest well-read person I've ever heard of


I agree with what you say Professor, but it is a common point of view about younger people from the generation older than them. Saying that, Ive no idea how old you are, so I may be dong you a disservice


I am still early 30's...which makes me a part of that Generation X I do believe. I am well aware of old people acting like anything they can't comprehend is just a game. I know many older people who can't even comprehend our current use of computers and they consider it all "games".

That is NOT what I am discussing.

These kids are being pampered out of their own survival.

I mean, honestly, I don't understand how most people in the country aren't seeing this.

These kids are too fucking fat to join the military...but you reduce this to some anecdote about "those youngin's".

Yeah, there is a big fucking problem when our own military has to change how they induct soldiers because the pool of applicants is so out of shape it dwarfs anything seen during the fucking Depression.


but, now contradicting myself, some people, of any age just dont work hard, dont listen to good advice and arent very clever. Perhaps the OP is one of them, most people are at some time in their lives. Ive ignored good advice on many occasions.


our last posts crossed in the ether, but yes, you may well be right.