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The Looong wait till football begins again....

I just watched Chris Webber Lose it for the kings again, GOD HE SUCKS ASS. sorry very pissed off. I also watched the flames beat my sharks… as I said, its gonna be a long wait before 9er season starts.

Well, I sympathize about the long wait till Football season starts. But the Sharks suck!! Flames in 5 man, you heard it here first!

I will say that this coming sports season is hideous though…nothing on TV but golf, baseball and Womens Basketball (no offence to the ladies). Kinda makes me want to cancel my cable till August or so.

Its going to be a long 9er season too!

Tim Rat-tay all the way baby…to the bottom of the division!

U guys need to pick up Kerry Collins big-time

Hey thanks niners we here in philly thank you for T.O. baby! oh and you better hope the niners DON’T get Kerry Collins because he sucks.

I hpe you weren’t surprised by webber’s performance, you know, being such a clutch player and all. Happen to remember the championship game against UNC? First he travels but doesn’t get called for it then he calls a timeout that his team doesn’t have. He needs to drop Tyra’s huge forehead having ass and get back in the gym to improve his game. KG went by him like he was standing still on that crossover then threw it down like the T-man that he is. Too bad he couldn’t teabag Webber like he did Brad Miller.

Paulie, Kerry Collins does not suck. He’s had the best seasons of his career recently, and led his team to a Superbowl. He also made Amani Toomer a Pro Bowl receiver.

Plus, he is a real t-man. He had problems, sacced up, kicked his alcoholism, improved his play, and became humble. Never blamed anyone but himself.

Warner is definitely the best avail QB, and it looks like he’s coming to my NY Giants. Sweet…

Collins is right behind Warner though.

Webber=overrated. There’s change coming in Sacramento. Adelman will prob be gone. Kings’re too talented to keep losing this way.

id take collins over warner ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

warner is almost as big of a punk bitch as eli manning.

give collins a solid O-line and he can do some SERIOUS damage. not many who can throw a ball like he can…

There you go3x. Somebody recognizes the truth re: Kerry COllins.

But I wouldn’t call Warner a punk bitch. The guy is like the ultimate underdog story.
He’s had 2 phenomenal seasons, a Super Bowl trophy, and he seems like a nice, humble family man.

WHy is that a punk bitch? Did he say/do something that I don’t know about?

Sonny S the reason I say Collins sux is because he played for the Giants and I being from Phila., obviously HATE the Giants and I am glad that for the time being they stink although with Tom Coughlin I think they will be good in a few yrs we shall see!

All you niner, philly, and jersey fans better just skip the whole season altogether since the vikings are going undefeated this season. suckas

yeah…I agree with SonnyS. what bout Warner would warrant that type of hate- speech? He seems like a decent family guy who overcame some pretty long odds. he married a woman who had children and took them as his own. I just don’t get being that mean-spirited twords him. of course, his former team did kick alot of butts over the last few years. maybe that is all to do with it?

PW-You know Paulie Walnuts is from NEW JERSEY right? You know, the state that has GIANTS STADIUM, where the NY GIANTS (and Jets) play?

Move up the turnpike so you can support a REAL team, not a cock tease team!

Just kidding, just kidding!

Even though I’m a Giants fan, I’m a football fan first, and i used to love Randall Cunningham. If they had given him an O-line and good RB, Philly could have been in any SuperBowl betw say, 89-92 or so.

Actually- they prob wouldn’t have knocked off Montana and the 49ers, but they could have beaten the Skins, GIants or boys.

shit people…you are aware that we’re talking sports, right? Im allowed to not like someone and talk shit about them all day regardless of how religious the person is. Kurt Warner could come up with a cure for cancer, I wouldnt give a shit 'cause he’s a BITCH. He got by on that fast turf, with the best RB in the game and lightning fast receivers. Anytime ANYTHING went wrong in a game this guy packed it in and gave this look that everything was someone elses fault. I remember my Giants beat the snot out of him 2 years ago in the dome and this fool had to leave the game just cause he couldnt handle the heat anymore. STRAIGHT BITCH MOVE.

And youre gonna defend this guy because of his wife??!! If anything, thats a reason for me to hate the guy even more. First off, his wife looks like more of a man than I do. Secondly, shes infamous for calling up STL sports radio stations and complaining about her husbands lack of playing time. Im sorry, but when you need your wife to campaign for PT, youre a homo.

Soony S I hated Randall Cunningham he couldn’t read a defense to save his life yes he was he did some exciting things but overall I didn’t think he was that good. But the Birds did have one awesome defense during that time!