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The Look of Mag-10


Hi all, just a quick question. I'm going to North America and I want to pick up some Mag-10 to bring back to Korea with me. However Korea likes to restrict movement of prohormones and such so I'm wondering what exactly the Mag-10 capsules look like. My thought is if they look similar to something else like glucosamine or something (without writing of course) I can just switch bottles and all will be good. Any advice? I'm sure I wouldn't get in shit if I did try to bring it and got checked at customs (I asked Koren customs about this before), but I just don't want to lose it. Thanks for the suggestions in advance.


You could probably just call them softgels and put them in a vitamin case.


They are clear capsules with a tan colored oil inside. I can't really think of anything that they look like, maybe just put them in a fish oil bottle.


I would say either fish oil or I've seen vitamin E gelcaps that look like it too.


Thanks guys. I was kind of thinking fish oil might be the answer.


Put them in a bottle with "m/\sS1v3 r01ds!#*&#@!" on the label and walk through with veins popping out of your forehead.