The Long Term Issues

I was just interested on peoples idea’s about any long term body building issues.
Such as joint problems and massive food intake, does the weekly assult on your joints make them weaker or cause damage over time ?

And does the huge amount of foods and liquids entering the body place any strain on organs ?

Also the creation of muslce damage to stimulate growth each week ?

Do any of these have any long term negative effects ?

im not worried just curious, if they told me they would kill me in 10 years id still be body building im a nut its just what i do, but i am still interested in any bodys information or ideas


[quote]Judas wrote:
I was just interested on people’s ideas about any long-term bodybuilding issues, such as joint problems and massive food intake. Does the weekly assult on your joints make them weaker or cause damage over time?[/quote]
Yes, but nutrition and rest and recovery methods will alleviate those effects.

Your body is designed to digest food and metabolize the nutrients found therein. Eat healthful foods and don’t worry.

[/quote]Also the creation of muscle damage to stimulate growth each week?[/quote]
Again, this is what recovery periods are for. If you aren’t training heavy every day, and if you’re taking a week off every 3 months, you should be fine.

[/quote]Do any of these have any long-term negative effects?[/quote]
Yep, but (say it with me now) “recovery takes care of that.”

Now, having said that, let me add that a pre-existing medical condition could easily hinder your progress, improper lifting technique can lead to injury that will set you back weeks or months, junk food will generally NOT help you “feed the beast.” All the answers you need to any specific questions on the topics of recovery and proper training can be found by using the search feature of this website, or just browsing the articles (click on the red “Articles” link in the left-hand column).

You can certainly end up with long term damage from weightlifting if you’re training improperly and becoming injured. Or if you have fundamental misalignments that aren’t addressed, such as a bad back, or misaligned knees - if you lift recklessly you can end up with wear and tear on joints that will cause osteoarthritis.

You can prevent this with nutrition, sleep, downtime, supplements (for example, osteoarthritis runs in my family, so I take MSM/glucosamine preventatively), proper training techniques, and learning to listen to your body. Learn when to push through and when to back off.

Also, keep in mind that stress makes your body grow stronger. Stress on the muscles makes them grow; stress on bones makes them denser. The key is to manage the stress.

Diet is hugely important; eating clean is much less stressful on your body, because it gets much more than just calories from clean food. It gets way more nutrients for recovery, and it can focus on using those nutrients to recover, instead of detoxifying itself from all the crap in processed foods.

Good post Jinx Me!

By the way there was just a study done that MSM/glucosamine/chondroitin has NO effect on joints. Google and you can find it.

I don’t take a single study as hard fact, but it’s something interesting, especially since many people seem to achieve the desired results with those remedies.

The article I read also quoted MANY people who take it and have found relief from arthritis/joint pain, so I doubt the placebo effect is that strong.

Fish oil is definitely the way to go for arthritis prevention, I’m sure you’re taking it.

There may be no studies for it like posted. But it works for me.

Glucosamine really helped a hip injury I had a few years ago.