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The Long Road to Strong-ish?

Any time man, I hope it helps!

Just be a little careful trying to do too much right away if your hips are already tight. You don’t want that flossing action to grind up your hip joints.

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Alright starting BtM today. I know Tuesday…but Monday’s suck. May switch it back in the following weeks we shall see. Heres the deal I’ve been slowly foam rolling and really stretching the hip flexors, calves and hams and glutes for the last couple of nights I feel better. Not that I felt bad before, but I do feel a bit looser and can sit in a deep squat with just some minor outter knee pain (besides the bone chilling pops and crunches that get worse every year) for a 30 seconds. Sounds like this is the new normal. No more once or twice a week doing that but nearly every night. I hate to do it, but lowering my TM in my squat is just smart at this point.

Started the eating…poor chickens…need my chicks to speed up and start spitting out some eggs soon. God I’m full. I’ll eat 3 .25 lb burger patties for lunch and I think I’m having chili tonight so check. Already got a walk in today. A few more of those and that’s a good start. Really need a decent weight vest. I got an adjustable Spud belt squat. That may come in handy later or just to work out the forward lean/depth issues.

W1D1 BtM. 5x5 at 230 Squats. Press up to 105. Assload of dips, chins and pull aparts. I knew what the tough part would be…and dreaded it. But I knocked all of the chins and dips out. May have had some band assistance on the chins…and dips looked terrible after 50. But hey…I did them.

Squats were better however literally first squat at 230 I make sure to get depth and my left hip popped. Thought I was going down. Fought it up and finished up the set. It was better but had to fight the other 4 sets for depth. It doesn’t feel heavy just weird. I’m still leaning too far forward I think.

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Breakfast was more eggs…a lot more eggs.

For lunch 1 Chili

For lunch 2 the abomination I call meat salad.

.5 lb of hamburger patties cut up on raw baby spinach with jalapenos and black olives. Topped with jalapeno ranch.

Anyway food update.

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I am a big fan of these food choices. Best of luck with the program!

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W1D2 BtM Deads and Bench. Deads topset was 3 x 5 at 315. Bench was 5x5 at 175. DB Rows 60lbs 75 per side. Curls 45 then did the Darden 30 10 30 then the last set was more like 15 10 15. I supersetted the rows and curls. I am sore. Figured I would be. Something pulled in my left upper glute and back on the first set of my 315 deads. I let the bar drift on the way up toward my toes and I felt it pinch. A tens unit and some rolling ought to straighten me out. I didnt think this one would take as long as it did but it ran 1hr 20min.

More food…but I was too tired and hungry and forgot to snap a pic. I ate an omelette with mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese with a side of more scrambled eggs and a side of hash browns. I will say doing this that the first day was uncomfortable with all the food…its getting better. I was legit hungry this morning. That’s at least 8 eggs down. The cafeteria guys crack up when I come and order food now.

Before I started this week weight was around 210 and its about 212 now. It fluctuates a couple pounds either way every day.

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W1D3 Squat and Press. 20 rep squats…fun. Used the SSB for the high rep squats this go round. Thought I’d just try it out but I can hit depth easier with the SSB bar for some reason. I have no clue… i braced hard. SSB has that tendency to remind me by throwing me forward so I tried breaking the belt. But as I got gassed that was tougher to do. Presses were fine but weighted Chins got me. I used the elite fts light band and I did 20 like that before I had to do regular chins. Face pull and pull apart super sets total 100. All in all this one sucks but…those first day of the week workouts kill me. I need to do some core work some time today.

Weight has been 213 last couple days.

Eating more omelettes with a side of eggs and meat salads. Same old boring stuff just more of it. My BMs have been interesting for those concerned. So far though just been walking and after the high rep squat work I do the eliptical for my conditioning. I’ll start Week 2 tonight with the dreaded 100 dips and chins and buttload of squats and presses. Weight is still around 213 seems to be moving up though. Pants are still surprisingly intact…

W2D1 BtM. Squats at 215. Press up to 105. Squats were superset with Facepulls. Chins and dips…and more chins and dips. I had to use the orange band to assist the last 40. So I also did pull downs to pick it up. Dips were really…fun? No…they were done though.

Ankle is effed. Its been sore all day. Squats didn’t seem to make it any worse. I’ll just step on it wrong and it gives from time to time. Never had this happen. Ice seems to help. Not sure why but I did play golf yesterday for the first time in months? Weight is 214. Really need to do core work. I keep putting it off.

I will never understand the appeal of core work. It just sucks.

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Agreed. But I have no lower back pain from all the squatting and deads. Ab wheel and hanging leg raises must be doing something there as far as my bracing goes. At least I think anyway. I do pull aparts nearly daily for shoulder health so I figure maybe keep up the core work for the old back. Just making yourself do core work is almost bad as making yourself do conditioning…almost.

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I generally avoid any of the big Cs in training: cardio, core, conditioning, curls.

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It’s why doing it first in the workout or between sets is best. Forces you to get it done.


Check this out:

Here is the sylabus for this High School…page 7 through 9 were what you had to do to complete that level. There were programs after those 3 levels that you could attempt…that look completely insane…2 hr water treading in deep water in a prone position??


I wish this was still a thing. We did the presidential physcial fitness tests, but those were a joke. My kids barely even have PE at all any more.

Side note. I can do 1 extension press up…and my lower back hates me for trying.

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Didn’t really get to do much core or conditioning work last night. Kids wanted to “exercise” which was fine. We did some suicides, wind mills, jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. That lasted 10 minutes maybe. We did go for a walk with my daughter on my shoulders for a mile. Did some HLRs not many.

My back is sore from attempting to do what I know as the LaLane pushup. I got 1…just 1. Last night I thought I worked it out with the piriformis stretch and the tens unit. However this morning its lit up again. I’ll make sure and use the belt for all my sets of deads tonight not just the top sets.

More eggs with eggs. Today though is nacho salad day for lunch (no meat salad…win). I’ll tear that up and the office will pay for it later. Weight is 214.