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The Long Road to Strong-ish?

Idk man, some of the numbers you’ve posted up here, even with the machines, is impressive

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W2D1 BtM
Squats were up to 230 5x5
Press up to 105 then 12 at 95
Chins are killing me. 25 then around 50 pulldowns at 180.
Dips 100
Pull Aparts 100

Second to last set of dips felt something pull around my right scap. Didn’t think too much about it at the time. But in bed last night it started shooting/sharp pain every time I would move. Didn’t sleep well. Still bothering me today. I’ll throw a tens unit on today and see what that does. Theragun didn’t seem to help.


I can’t do Dips atm. Was fine with them for ages then pulled something in my shoulder at work, now they just feel “grindy” on my collar bone?

I’ve been there done that with the shoulder as well. Whatever I’ve done, that sharp pain is sticking around. When I sneeze it really gets fired up. Going to try the tens unit and a hot bath tonight. See if I can’t loosen up whatever I pissed off.

W2D2 BtM
Bench up to 165 5x5
Deads up to 295 3x5
100 DB Rows 55
100 total curls: ez bar curls 75 / hammer curls 40
50 ab wheels and 40 decline sit ups

Still walking minimum of 3 miles a day. Usually vested on the non lifting days. Weight is 220 at the moment.


More on the scap pain. It appears it may have been from the pull aparts maybe that day? I was doing the dips, chins and pull aparts as a triset. I do pull aparts in the office from time to time and for whatever reason I can’t do them now without crazy pain around the lower trap/scap area.

Grace with 135 only got 22 in 10 minutes. I can improve this big time. Walked 4 miles as well.


BtM W2D3
Squat up to 230 then 185 x 20
Clean and Press 10 x 5 at 115
It was supposed to be 60 but since the squat WM didn’t scratch the surface I wanted to really push the pressing. Also doing a bunch of cleans here lately and this day seems like it’s yoke day anyway. So take it up a notch. I got 8 sets in where I cleaned and pressed every rep the last 4 I cleaned the first rep then just pressed the rest. This torched the shoulders and traps.
Did actual face pulls instead of pull aparts and no pain with face pulls. 50lbs 100 times.
Negative Chins 25 working on this… I’ll get it back.
Powertec Shrugs 225 3x12 then 2x8 since the traps were torched. I decided to further bash them and this did it. This definitely was a twisted BtM session but it fits with what I’m doing. Presses have needed work and it looks to be improving.


W3D1 BtM
Squats up to 255 5x5
Presses up to 115 then 95 for 14
100 chins, 100 dips and 100 face pulls.

Did chins until failure then switched to band assisted wide grip pull ups for the rest. Back is feeling fine. Sleep has been crap the last 2 days. Busy at home and at work. But I think the sleep problem is just me being too warm and sore. The wife just broke out the weighted blanket. If that is even in my proximity I sweat.


5 Rounds
95lb Clean and Press
3 Chins
50ft walking lunges

Tried to get it all in under 10 minutes. Just barely got it in.

Walked 3 miles so far getting another vested mile in after dinner.


BtM W3D2

BP up to 185 5x5
Deads up to 330 3x5
DB Rows 55lb 100
Varied Curls 100

This was more brutal than I thought. Typically Monday drains the life from you but Wednesday doesn’t seem as bad. However this time it felt the other way around.

I’m finding that my triceps may be my weak link in pressing after all. It’s almost always near lock out where I struggle. Should be an easy fix. Just hit a gap workout on the weekend time permitting to hit the Tris and Bis.


Haven’t posted in a minute but did Day 3 of BtM last week. Monday did W4D1 Squats up to 245 Press up to 110 then 100 face pulls and dips. I did only 60 chins unassisted though so that’s an improvement. Then I did conditioning session of 10 burpees, 5 95lb snatches, and 3 Chins for 5 rounds. Sorry for the quick recap.

Today W4D2 BtM
Deads up to 315
BP 170
100 fat grip poundstone curls
100 chest supported db rows

Weight is 218 gaintaining…nice.


W4D3 BtM
Squats up to 245 then 185 for 20
Press 5x10 95
100 behind the back shrug rows 185, 100 face pulls band

Today Conditioning CrossFit Randie WOD 75 Snatches with 75lbs. Got it finished up just under 7 minutes. I’ve seen a video of someone doing this in 2:18…wow. Its a little tougher than you think it’s pretty much all work capacity and conditioning level. The weight is very manageable even though I’m positive my form is complete shit.