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The Long Road to Strong-ish?

@ejones1 I think it’s funny when folks think bulking nutrition is tough. I was a fat kid and a young fat man. Eating enough was and has never been an issue for me. When I started eating for BtM and then SuperSquats etc…it flipped that switch back on and it’s tough to turn off. But on the other hand, if you push yourself in the gym etc you do need to eat to recover. It’s a fine line to walk. Definitely bigger…and stronger just need to dial it back a bit or move more.

@SvenG As much as I wish I could condition like our Scottish Bro…there is no way. Especially when it’s as hot as it’s been this summer. Oh and burpees suck.


Spot on with both points.

Conditioning Yesterday
5 rounds with 95lbs of

Chins x 3
Cleans x 4
Push Press x 5
Squat x 6
Good Mornings x 7
Push Ups x 8
Ab wheel x 9

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Workout A3
Exercise Sets Reps
Hammer Strength flat bench press 1 11-15 RP 325 13
Smith machine seated military press 1 11-15 RP 190 14
EZ-bar skull crusher 1 15-30 RP 80, DS 70 29,10
Close-grip pulldown 1 15-20 RP 180 17
BOR 1 10-12 SS 175 11
Workout B3
Exercise Sets Reps
Ezbar drag curl 1 20-30 RP 70 39
Pinwheel curl 1 11-20 SS 30 30
calf raise 1 10-12 SS 225 17 30hold
BSSoD 3 8 DS 30,20, bw 3x8 8holds
Barbell Romanian deadlift * 1 10-15 SS 275 15

Got those in on Friday and Sunday.

Workout A1
Exercise Sets Reps Weight Reps Done
Powertec incline bench press 1 11-15 RP 255 19
Dumbbell seated military press 1 15-30 RP 40s 36
Dip 1 15-20 RP 20 20stretch
Wide-grip lat pulldown 1 15-20 RP 180 26
Deadlift 2 5-8 or 9-12 SS 365,315 3,10

Felt great today despite it being hotter than hades out there. Deadlift still has me pondering. I just haven’t done as much of it this year as it shows. That 315 for 10 was a fight after that almost 4 reps at 365. It was way tougher than I’d like to admit.

I’m still thinking on the programming. I was thinking of doing Super Squats with DC Reps and exercises, but there again I’m leaving deads out to dry again. Do I care? Or…do I just run with BtM again. Leaning toward the latter.


Your pressing strength is insane, man

Both of these sound like awesome ideas

It’s the lever machine. Makes it way cooler sounding than it really is. But it has finally gotten somewhat better. Also getting some new dumbbells soon that should also allow me to up the weight slightly instead of 10lbs at a time. The conditioning cleans and push presses are helping too.

These 3 routines/programs work for me. I’d love to mash them all together and run with it but you start to try that and it all falls apart.

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Tried Grace with 135 and got 5 reps…so went with 95. I am not conditioned at all but that wasn’t the factor. I broke it up into 5 sets of 6. The 5th and 6th rep were hard in the last 3 sets. Got it done in 6:34. Definitely could do better but I may just little by little add weight and then try to push time. Also think I did 36 reps. Miscounted somewhere in there.

Then did 5 sets of chins and ab wheel.

Workout B1
Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell curl 1 20-30 RP 75,80 37,5
Hammer curl 1 11-20 SS 40s 20
Standing calf raise 1 10-12 SS * 275 11
RDL 1 11-15 SS 275 14
Hatfield Squats 2 4-8 SS +WM 295, 205 4,20

Core must be stronger ssb bar didn’t cave me in on the squats today.

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Grace with 100lbs 4:45. Much easier. Still suck at the clean and jerk. But I was panting so mission accomplished.

50 ab wheel rollouts.


End of Week 7

Workout A2
Exercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell decline bench press 1 20-30 RP 60s 26
Push Press 1 11-15 RP 115 13
Close-grip bench press 1 11-15 RP 165 14
BOR 1 15-20 RP 175 22
WG Pull Ups Assisted 1 20-30 20
Squats 1 WM 195 20

Grace with 105 in 6 minutes. Triceps and shoulders and constantly sore now doing this but it’s still moving and numbers aren’t dropping. Seems positive. Also did 30 ab wheels and 30 hanging leg raises.

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Workout B2
Exercise Sets Reps
seated incline db curl 1 20-30 RP 30s 31
rope curl 1 20-30 RP 55 26 30s hold
SSB calf raise 1 10-12 SS Negatives 205 12
Lying leg curl 1 15-20 RP 105 14
SSB squat 2 4-8 SS + WM 245,315,205 5, 3 wtf, 20

Thought I had a lot more but 315 for 3 was all I could muster. Anyway still think technically it’s a SSB PR. The SSB cave as I call it came right back at 315. My legs had it but my back did not. It became squat mornings on reps 2 and 3.


Grace with 110 6:43

30 ab wheels and 36 hanging leg raises

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Workout A3
Exercise Sets Reps
Hammer Strength flat bench press 1 11-15 RP 345 12
Smith machine seated military press 1 11-15 RP 195 18
EZ-bar skull crusher 1 15-30 RP 75 43
WG PU, NG Chin 1 15-20 RP Orange Band 29
Swiss Bar BOR 1 10-12 SS 155 12

Did assisted wide grip pull ups I think until 20 then to get some did neutral grip chins. Lats feel cooked but probably more from the swiss bar bent rows. Those are tougher than you think because you can’t be upright hardly at all. That really cooked the back felt good and made me think why I don’t do those anymore.



Grace w/ 115 6:54

30 ab wheels and some plank press things.

Ugly ugly ugly on the clean and jerks. I was kind of surprised I got it done in that time my shoulders and chest are sore from yesterday. Felt gassed and tired all day. Also felt hungry all day. Ate more than normal today but still clean.

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